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Opioids methadone and weed better than heroin alone?


Moderator: CD
Apr 13, 2013
I am just starting to fully appreciate the awesome syngery between methadone and weed the best thing is I can wake up the next morning and still get synergy because the methadone is still affecting me they really compliment eachother I think kind of like weed and codeine but stronger ofc I'm not just saying this because I've quit heroin, in some kind of self denial shit heroin and cannabis is still definitely a combo I rate only problem is instead of them both combining into a high one seems to take over the other and it gets me way to fucked up check in a can of beer and I can sleep for days like I'm hibernating lol I'm done with living like that though

But who else prefers this combo, do you like to smoke cannabis before or after, how long do you wait how much do you smoke?