Methadone - ACT Rules


Oct 21, 2017
I'm a Suboxone patient in the ACT. Been on long enough to get up to fortnightly pickups now, which is great. However, I've relapsed quite a few times. I've always got back on Suboxone with enough time to pass drug tests, so as far as the Doctor is aware, I'm squeaky clean.

My Heroin sources have dried up, and I'm now relying on Suboxone only, and what I've found is that without my monthly benders, I'm really not happy with just Suboxone. There was a reason I started taking Heroin, and that reason is now back in full force, even if the Suboxone keeps withdrawals at bay.

I feel like methadone may work better for me but I have a few problems with it, and I wonder if any of you know the solution.

1. I tried methadone before, and regardless of the dose, it doesn't last 24 hours for me. I need to go on split dosing, but twice daily pharmacy visits are just not feasible long term. Is there anything they can do here?
2. From the guidelines, it appears that 4 takehomes a week is as good as it gets. I regularly travel interstate for work at short notice. I've managed to make family related excuses for the last few months while building up to fortnightly Suboxone takehomes. However, my work would be untenable if I had to be home 3 days every week. Does anyone know if it's possible to get more flexible arrangements?

I haven't discussed methadone with my Doctor for a while as I didn't realise how unsatisfying Suboxone was full time until now. I'd rather not open the door on that topic if it's not going to go anywhere useful.