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Stimulants Meth neurotoxicity and my loud pill box of meds and remedies!

Nov 5, 2019
Methamphetamine is a serious neurotoxic substance so is not silly to tackle this problem to reduce harmful tragedies at the end of the road!

So I have two boxes fill with great psychotropic that I love or just need. The first one is an small wooden box that I have all my stimulant, psychedelic and cannabis in crystal jars, also paraphernalia like glass pipes. The other one is an big plastic tool box that I store all my medication, supplements, nicotine patches and first aid supplies. Every time I do methamphetamine I use both boxes, but the focus here is in the big plastic box!

Let looks around here, first I have an clonazepam prescription, I also have clonazepam on an small crystal jar on my other box because they are great for cut the methamphetamine trip or just to chill it out.

DISCLAIMER: The statements that are going to be presented now are just back up by small investigations done on rats or in vitro. Is not solid evidence so take it as a grain of salt. Why do I share this then? Because I prefer to take an chance in protecting myself of the harm, maybe it does work!

Then I have this small bottle of Selenium, this weird transition element was tested on rats so se if it have potential to work as a neuroprotective, the results are that they have an important roll in reducing methamphetamine neurotoxicity.

Then whe have Acetyl L Carnitine that have been tested on rats and proven to have protective qualities for the Blood Brain Barrier. So maybe taking a pill before and regularly while using methamphetamine, especially in a Run it can protect your BBB from malformations done by methamphetamine.

Ahh my little B-12, on rats have the properties of reducing the mitochondria malfunctioning and death. Very important if you want to have some energy went you cut methamphetamine for a time.

Co Q-10 is another most have, it can be a cardiovascular protective in the same time proven in vitro to reduce neurotoxicity to serotonin neurotransmitters.

Mostly those are the most relevant to me went it comes to protection against methamphetamine. I normally use them before smoking methamphetamine, in the process (you never know went you gonna go into a binge) and three days afterwards.

The most important and have more solid evidence is EATING HEALTHY WHILE USING METHAMPHETAMINE, and stay hydrate. Use dry mouth mouthwash for preventing tooth decay.


I have prescribed lithium that is a serious neuroprotective against methamphetamine. Don't do lithium, too much can kill you, too little will do shit.


Sep 11, 2016
You forgot curumin, EPA/DHA, vitamin c and basically all other antioxidants, piracetam, and, especially, metformin.

^Not an exhaustive list by any means.

Also of incredible notable interest, BPC-157