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Meth laced with fentanyl? Constricted pupils


Feb 22, 2021
Got a new batch of meth yesterday. Used this morning after not having used for 3 days. This

meth was big blocks not little shards. Crushed up and breaks extremely easily and the powder it breaks up into is very chunky. Reminds me of how most of the meth I have would be when it’s powder and it’s on a very moist surface you know what I’m saying? Like the meth becomes very blocky and the powder is very, I want to say rough. Anyways I’ve done a few lines and I did for a little get meth effects such as I took a shit but I’m not so sure now. My Mouth is not dry, I’m not jaw clenching. I’m feeling very calm almost tired . What concerns me is I have heard meth can be laced with fentanyl from news articles but everyone I know says no way a dealer or manufacturer would do this as people who use meth aren’t seeking a downer high or effect. The dealer also sells heroin so I’m worried about cross contamination but how could heroin get onto a block of ice. Most concerning to me is that my pupils are not gigantic how meth usually makes them. My pupils are extremely small and constricted. This doesn’t feel like meth to me. Anyone have any insight. Anything would be appreciated. Thank you