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Stimulants Meth- being horribly mislead by the media


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Staff member
Mar 9, 2013
The Shire
I visualise a poor brain clogged with plaques and crud, trying desperately to flush itself out in that recovery phase. Helps me avoid long binges a little.


Mar 11, 2018
You have done meth six times? You don't even know what is really yet. Do it six times a day for 2-3 months. See how productive you are.

burn out

Nov 11, 2006
As the guys said above, you haven't been using long enough to have a real opinion on meth. I thought I wouldn't get addicted to heroin when I first started using it. I actually used it for a while before becoming addicted. I had a friend who "chipped" for 5 years before becoming addicted. Drugs tend to get you in the long run.

Of course the media exaggerates but most of them lack personal experience. Of course each individual is different but even some of the most ardent anti drug people will admit not everyone who uses drugs becomes addicted or has their life ruined. The point is, there is a good chance you will and it's not really worth the risk. In retrospect, the brief pleasure drugs provided me was not the worth the long term consequences. Quite a few other drug users will say this.

Don't make the mistake of thinking you're different.
Nov 5, 2019
Well kiddo, this mistress call methamphetamine can be a wild dominatrix. Yes most of the time the Estate lies about drugs to scare off potential users but with meth it can be really true.

I recently started to vaporize meth, love the feeling of the glass bubble and the ritual. Thing is that it have a great potential to be abuse, by it tendency to make you wanna redose frequently and the euphoria (tho I don't get the euphoric feeling). I felt small cravings that I never felt with other drugs that have the potential to be addictive. Until now living in a country with almost no access to it and because of that expensive maybe I have not fall more in love with it. Tho I barely feel the coming down that is a variable in the habit forming of meth.

Methamphetamine is a severe neurotoxin, his destructive power of the brain can be catastrophic. I love too much my brain to be messing with it so I stay abstinent to use it regularly, tho is not such and easy task if you have it available at your stach. I stick up to my old friends amphetamines pills prescribed for me for the time been. There's research that give evidence that selenium can protect the dopamine neurotransmitter from the effects of methamphetamine in the brain, I use it every day and some day after I do methamphetamine to "reduce" the toll on the brain. I also have prescribed lithium who is an anti-manic and and anti-depressant, this is great because it have been proven to be a neuroprotective agent and his anti-manic properties make you more likely to not enter in a full tweaker state and prevent psychosis. But I have no problems with psychosis because I obligated my self to sleep 6-8 hours every night went I am using it.

Anoche thing, stay away from tweakers, they are a bad influence if you want to maintain in control of the drug. I don't have any tweaker friends because of it, people who don't have control can easily make you loose control by peer pressure (and the craving for redosing).

Methamphetamine is a extremely habit-forming drug I can assure you, and your mental perspective about it in the honeymoon you are can be dangerous. Be self aware of the problems and solve them before is too late.

And how many people have state through this post, drugs are not either bad or good, is your approach and your harm reduction skills that make it enjoyable or a disease.

I rather stay with my friends amphetamines, you might look for it too, but be warned, they are too addictive. Psychedelic are the best option in drugs, low to virtually zero habit forming and way more fun!
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Staff member
Nov 3, 2008
Jianghan Qu, Wuhan Shi, Hubei Sheng, China
Welcome to meth. It'll get worse.

In a year or two, you'll probably find what you wrote above amusing, at least, if not naive.

If not, good for you.

But on the whole, this isn't something you should delude yourself into believing you can readily manage.
The only drug I have ever used daily for over a year = cannabis or shatter.


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Staff member
Feb 8, 2006
In the mountains
op’s next thread was asking how to quit meth. all of two months later.
I just saw this thread for the first time, but yeah, not surprised. Generally an arrogant attitude towards a new drug (what the fuck? I'm not gonna get addicted, I'm not like THOSE people) is a pretty good indicator of a problem in the making.

NO ONE goes into drug use thinking "yep, I'm gonna get addicted and my life is gonna spiral out of control and I'm gonna become a junkie".