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Stimulants meth advice


Oct 31, 2020
Seriously speaking..
There is no way to get that "rush" that you want. Decide what is more important for you, plugging may be a way... But it differs not that fast and effective. Be honest to yourself!

And about IV, you can trust me, i know what I am talking about - I had many good veins, everywhere ... And I was very carefull,never missing etc, nobody in my company was doing injections so correctly..... Of course there are NO VEINS for many years...though now I have some, they even may take the blood sometimes))) but I don'injecting, i want to smoke. Because I found it more easy, fast, adictable... And the worst part - the rush maybe better, depends of drug, but many of them are smokable ,...


Oct 7, 2020
It's been hit or miss with booty bumping for me. I have gotten really high off of it before, I was so happy about the results. Then I tried again and felt nothing. Then again, and felt kinda high. It always varies.
I recommend chopping up about two lines worth for the amount to start off with. Chop it up and add the smallest amount of water you can to dissolve it all up. Get a medicine syringe with no needle and suck up the liquid.
Lay on your back with your feet up and insert it into your butt a little, like you would an enima, just not the whole syringe, of course. When you put it in you may feel a little burn for a second. But it wont be bad at all.
I recommend you lay there for about ten mins before getting up.
This method always makes me very sexual. ;)