Recruitment Mental Health is seeking another moderator


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Mar 9, 2005
Your double slit
Howdy folks,

Mental Health is looking for a new moderator (or two, who knows?) Candidates should preferably have experience in issues pertaining to this sub-forum, be an active contributor here, be open minded about all the various paradigms for interpreting mental illness/mental health as well as the various treatments. We don't need experts, just folks with compassion, passion, patience, interest and willingness in this area. That's all!

Day-to-day duties include checking any reported posts, moving or closing threads as necessary, resolving issues that may arise between users and contributing to pushing this forum forward.

Please PM your application to @swilow @AlphaMethylPhenyl @cj @madness00 . Tell us why you want the position and what you think you can bring to the forum. Let us know your timezone/where you are, how often you are available and any other pertinent facts. Bribes are accepted ;)

We will run this for the next few weeks with final applications being accepted by 19th July. Fire away people, show us what you're made of! Any questions, feel free to PM any of the listed staff or drop a note in this thread.

Good luck all :)