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Feb 4, 2004
Denver, CO
MDMA & Empathogenic Drugs Forum Rules

    • 1 - No dealing, soliciting, sourcing or synthesis discussion
Do not attempt to sell, buy or find sources for drugs through Bluelight nor provide information, however vague, on how to produce contraband substances or substances of a quasi-legal status. No asking for people in your local area to email you or if anyone knows any "good spots" in your home town, or anywhere else. Do not even imply you are a dealer, even if you are. This is our cardinal rule and any people breaking it will find their posts vanish, and possibly accounts banned.

    • 2 - No substance IDs
If you've just bought some new ecstasy tablets, and want to know if they're good, look at www.pillreports.net or ask in your regional forums. MDMA & Empathogenic Drugs is a global forum, with posters from Europe, America, Australia and everywhere in between, and a green dove in LA might not be the same as a green dove in Rome.

Powders or crystals are even harder to identify over the internet as taste, smell, texture, even the effects are far from accurate identifying properties. There are too many other substances sold as MDMA that try to closely mimic its properties to be able to tell which drug you have. In case we get it wrong it might cause someone to ingest something harmful, which goes against the principle of harm reduction

    • 3 - No flames
Do not pointlessly insult people. No calling of names, excessive swearing, racial or religious insults. You can disagree with someone, but do it in a vaguely polite manner. If someone doesn't magically know the answer, then be kind. Remember, at one point in time you didn't know the answer to that question either. We were all innocent naive people once, even if for some people it was long long ago.

    • 4 - Use correct spelling and grammar
Attempt to make your spelling and grammar as accurate as possible. If you start talking 1337 or wiv a loz o txt spelin dat we can't understand you'll have your thread closed till you learn to spell. If English is not your first language, please say so. No typing ALL IN CAPITAL LETTERS or AlTeRnAtInG cApS, its annoying. If you're going to type a long post, break it up into paragraphs, its so much easier to read! Basically, if you can't be bothered to type properly, we can't be bothered to read it.

    • 5 - No slang
If you are talking about a drug, please use a name all of us can understand. Ecstasy or MDMA. No "yayo", "billie", "china", "roc" or other things which are not immediately obvious terms for a drug. Think "If I said this word to my parents, would they understand?" If no, then don't use it here. This includes using the term "Molly"

    • 6 - No posts on how to conceal drugs
If you want to carry pills through customs, my advice would be don't. If you are still adamant, then on your head be it. We will not tell you how to smuggle drugs, even small quantities.

    • 7 - Moderators may use their discretion at any time
The MED mods have final say if a thread or post is "okay" to be left open or unedited. If you have a problem with their opinion do not post another thread complaining, send them or an Admin a private message.

    • 8 – No excessively off topic/social posting
MDMA & Empathogenic Drugs is both for talking about the drugs and their effects, but also part of the social side surrounding ecstasy, not specifically talking about ecstasy itself. Such threads and posts are fine, provided it doesn't descend into an MSN style conversation or people just posting for the hell of it. If you want to make a post about how your weekend was, or how much you like rolling, start a journal. Adding posts like "Haha" or "I agree" doesn't add anything to the thread, and along with Rule 7, moderators can remove such posts if they feel they are dragging a thread down the plughole. Friendly banter is fine, posts just to "hear your own voice" aren't.

    • 9 – No price threads
No price discussion will be allowed anywhere on the forum.

    • 10 – Do not use the acronym "SWIM" or any variant thereof
This is a completely ineffective way to prevent self-incrimination. Law enforcement is not stupid, and if they wanted to go after you because of a post, using the acronym "SWIM" will not grant you magical immunity in court. If you're truly worried about incriminating yourself, then do not post. 'Nuff said. There are ways to phrase your post in such a way where using an alias like "SWIM" would not be needed. Furthermore, it makes a post difficult to read when "SWIM" is used over and over. If you use this acronym, your post will be edited.

    • 11 – No specific naming of future events where you will be taking drugs
This is to protect you primarily, but also the promoters throwing the event as well. You may explain that you are going to an event on a specific date, but please do not use the exact name of the event if you are also inferring that you will be taking drugs there (or discussing the drug taking habits of other people who will be attending).

    • 12 – Do not use the acronym "UTSE" or any variant thereof
If there is a question that you feel is too simple and are frustrated with answering then please refrain from posting in the thread. The use of the acronym "UTSE", "UTFSE" or even telling someone to "just use the search engine" is frowned upon in MED and anyone who posts these one liners will have their post edited on the spot. If you feel strongly about someone using the search engine then please send them via PM the link from the Support Forum that outlines how to use the search engine effectively.

Breaking any of these rules will result in your post being edited or deleted, possibly a permanent official warning being attached to your account or if the infringement of rules is severe enough, you will be banned.

General Points

- The forum has existed for a number of years now, with many posts available for search, so if you think its a basic question, try a search first and 99 times out of 100, it'll have been asked before.

- "Freedom of Speech" does not exist on Bluelight. The servers are in The Netherlands, so US law does not apply. Even if they were in the US, since you do not own Bluelight, Bluelight has no obligation to post anything by you, just as a newspaper has no requirement to print every letter people send to it. If you want to enact your right to speak your mind, yell it out on a street corner, print leaflets or start your own web/forum site.

- Law enforcements from around the world do watch Bluelight. Don't post information that could get you arrested or deem you a "person to keep tabs on". Bluelight doesn’t log IPs but if you give a photo of yourself, a general location and other personal information, you'd be amazed how easy it is to track people down. Bluelighters and bluelighter parties have been busted before due to information posted on Bluelight, don't let it happen to you.

- If you wish to contact a moderator, their profiles can be accessed by clicking on their names at the bottom of the page here, picking "Send this person a Private Message". Moderators are always open to constructive criticism and comments, but if you send hate PMs don't expect much of a reply, we've better things to do with our time.

Thanks to Stardragon and Simon for previous versions of these rules I used as a template for this version, and VelocideX and Bilzor for input :)
Rules 10 and 11 added by Indelibleface.

- AlphaNumeric

*edited to expand to 'no substance ID' by BlueBull
*edited for repost by MagickalKat777, all original credits left intact
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