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May 9, 2016
I'm not a big fan of MDMA. I don't get much from it. I reckon when I took it many moons ago in pill form it was cut with other Chems. Possibly MDA and Definitely Amphetamine.

I have read that being a poor cyp2d6 metabolizer (which I am).may affect MDMA but from the little I have read it is unclear but I am very sensitive to Amphetamines to such a degree that a modest dose can keep me stimulated way past anyone im with (also another indicator of poor cyp2d6 poor metabolizer I believe) so although combining Amphetamine with MDMA makes the roll better the hangover is stinking.

Due to a pre-employment drug test screening and if I gain the new position there are random tests I felt this was a good time to have a last blow out. I measured out 220mg of MDMA (I'm 11.4 stone. Approx 70kg) and I flushed the rest down the toilet so I wouldn't relent in the future. Also this wasn't a big deal for me. It was two and a bit months since my last dose and the last few times times were all shit. Didn't enjoy them at all. For me pre ban Mephedrone or Methylone did it much better.

I know I'm very much in the minority but MDMA just wouldn't hit the spot. (I had dosed relatively modest to quite large) and it just made me edgy and anxious.

Anyway back to the point. I took 750mg Phenibut the evening before to get a good night's sleep as I had a few niggling worries. My Phenibut tolerance is manageable although the magic has been lost due to over indulgence. I dosed a further 1.5g on an empty stomach first thing in the morning. An hour later I took the full 220mg MDMA on an empty stomach and within half an hour I knew it was working much better this time than previously. Still not overly enjoyable so still glad i ditched the rest of my stash.

I drank a beer as I measured out 200mg of Ketamine. I put 50mg from this to the side and snorted 150mg in four lines across about 10mins.

Then things wen't to shit. I have very hazy snippets of drinking another beer, snorting the further 50mg of Ket soon after. I have a short recollection of trying to play my guitar while k-holing. Time moving in slices like photographs. I couldn't relax into the Ket trip due to the MDMA making me wanna get up and do stuff, trying to find music on youtube, wandering about aimlessly. I came to on my kitchen floor trying to text my brother with with a workman climbing a ladder getting access to my roof. Apart from my socks as I was naked as a stinking fucking jaybird (classy I know).
I have snippets of getting dressed and going swimming at the local pool where I pretty much straighten out. Can only piece the together a little of the walk there but I distinctly remember measuring another 1.2 of phenibut and 5g of Kratom before I went and taking them.

It was weird as fuck coming back to myself with very few memories. I knew a chunk of time had passed but there weren't many memories to recall.

That night I took 350mg of F-phenibut as I was still feeling a little strange. Slept very well and had only a small hangover alleviated with Kratom the next day.

I'm done with MDMA and probably Ketamine too.

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Sep 16, 2018
Man, I read heaps about why the current MDMA is not that MDMA of old, and it all supports my feelings based on my experiences over the past few years.

I've only done it a few times a year, but over the past *cough* 28 *cough* years of using the stuff, it's definitely not the same substance. There's no big rolls of euphoria, the empathogenic qualities are very muted, little visual distortion / eye wobbles, little's very 'meh'. Sure, you feel good, but the way they currently make the stuff definitely has changed it. I was sus when I saw the kids saying they're talking 200....400mg in one go. I couldn't believe it until I got some this year after not doing it for a couple of years, and my usual 120mg was barely discernable! Seriously, I could be in public and EASILY pass as sober.

I'm not surprised your unimpressed with it at the moment.