MDMA Comedown Question


Sep 10, 2018
Hello people :)

I am pretty new here so if that is not the right place to post this thread, please move it for me.

Now basically the reason i am here is to ask the more experienced users on here about my comedown from MDMA. Basically me and a bunch of friends did X pills and definitely abused them for a week, like doing 4 rolls 1 pill per roll or a half. Needless to say the comedown was fucked up, was depressed asf for a week had lucid dreams, night terros, panick attacks the whole package basically. However after the week i was fine and fully back to normal. Did the same thing but this time doing 2 or 2.5 pills per roll again 4 nights in a week with my friends. Now it's been 8 days since my comedown hit me and i am still not feeling right at all. It's definitely gotten much, much better since it started but i am in general feeling depressed like the whole world is grey around me which is a terrible feeling. I get constant mood swings like happy,angry,sad. Some nights i still get lucid dreams which are all horror dreams, type of dream you wake up and feel like crying, like seeing someone die in a horrible way type of dream. Sleeping pattern is slowly getting back to normal but still fucked up. I wake up after 5 hours of sleep then all of a sudden after another 5-6 hours i just cannot keep my head up.

Well basically that's my issues after the latest X binge. Before anyone lashes out on me i'd like to say that i am fully aware i abused the fuck out of the drug but at the time was not really informed and decided i'd listen to friends who are "experienced" rather than open google and research only had a look when the comedown hit me. Pills also weren't tested. Strange thing is that all my mates are just fine and did not suffer anything like me apart from one dude who'd get bad comedowns but did not take anywhere near as much as me.

I honestly feel like i am just too paranoid i did some irrevirsible damage and making the whole situation worse in my head. Has anyone done as much of it ? Have you had similar comedown symptoms and how long do they last ? Do i need to go see a doctor or something ? I go through phases of being scared asf that i will never be normal again and periods of ' I am fine', it's really strange and this shit is really messing up my head. When i drink a few it helps surpress the depression but after that it's worse tbh and i feel like i should cut all alcohol consumption at least until i get better.

Is it possible I damaged my brain from this consumption ? I mean it's basically been two weekly binges with 1 week break. (Had I known i'd be in this situation I would of really chucked this garbage away, so please don't be nasty to me)


Jul 21, 2004
Buffalo, New York
Its weird how MDMA effects everyone differently at such a high extreme. Whether I take MDMA just once, or abuse the hell out of it, for me I tend to get a crazy afterglow effect (I'm just happy and content as fuck about everything in life) "e-tard". This afterglow is noticed within me for about an average of 90 days, then I will decide its time to load back up because it helps my depression and PTSD long term. Call it what you want, a placebo , i don't care, it works for me. While MDMA is an amphetamine drug, it differs greatly at the same time from traditional amps. Typically, you really shouldn't experience a "crash" or comedown from MDMA at all, if anything you will feel mote relaxed then before, a telltale sign for crashing when rolling could be ecstasy pills with meth and amp in it, or Molly(MDMA crystals) that's cut as well with amps, which is a very very common and popular combination, as the effects are mind blowing to most .
But lets say you have straight MDMA, but you keep taking it daily and abusing the shit out of it, the problem with that is this: MDMA works primarily on serotonin, by which it is releasing it into the brain at crazy amounts, like 100? more then what our bodies naturally produce. Therefore when one eventually stops taking MDMA, the brain is going to be depleted of serotonin (which would be the culprit of a horrible comedown, or long lasting depression) so god damn much, it will take a long time to recover and repair.
if I am wrong about the mechanism of action with MDMA, please by all means, somebody pull out they're "Bluelightery" credentials. I enjoyed my high horse moment just now