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MDMA and Cannabis experience, weird and unexpected


Jul 8, 2020
Date: December 2019
Age: 20 at the time, 21 now
Gender: Male
Weight: 86kg
Dose: 90 to 110mg of MDMA, high grade cannabis
Substance use: smoke weed daily for past 3 years, have take mushrooms countless times, dosed 275ug LSD once, done MDMA about 5 times total, have snorted M-CAT once, taken pain pills (ibuprofen, paracetamol and codein) and once had an unknowon large dose of DXM. Also tried inhalants such as poppers and N2O.

*Quick note. I've posted this experience on erowid when it happened, thought I'd share it on here aswell. Since undergoing this experience I have experimented in other drug combinations with MDMA but this was by far the strangest and most vivid experience I had, even though I did not ingest a high dose. Anyways, enjoy.

This is the time I dosed mdma alone and smoked cannabis. I'm a 197cm tall and 86kg, last night I decided to dose some mdma. I recently bought a 150mg capsule of "swiss champagne" mdma crystal. I did not test the purity of the drug, however with what I felt during the experience I can say it was a much more pure dose of mdma than I've done before.

I split that capsule and took +- 100mg of the 150mg dose at about 9:30 pm. After dosing I waited around in my room and slowly felt a come up. About an hour into the experience I decided to call a friend and we went to mcdonalds to get a mcflurry for some other mates we were going to meet up with. During this time I felt anxious and fuzzy as I felt a come up buzz. Finally we arrive at my friends house, we hop outside and decided to smoke a joint of some really high grade weed.

At first the cannabis didn't seem to have much of an affect until I sat down and began to just stare at random objects around his garden. I had an extreme focus and intense interest in the trees and the gravel etc, that's when I hit my peak on the mdma. It took a while to actually kick in but when it did, bodily sensations were out of this world, I began walking around the garden barefoot and the act of walking felt like bliss. I talked to my friends a lot about my life and how I was happy and privileged to have gotten where I am now and I learnt to appreciate how I got there as well. They weren't rolling but they played a big role in asking me the right kinds of questions as I wanted this experience to help me value my life and where I stand, it was extremely spiritual and pure bliss.

12AM comes around, I decided to go home because my friends are tired. I get home and go straight to my room, I start feeling the comedown effects and decide to smoke some more weed. I smoked a bowl out my bong and felt very high, I switched off my bedroom light and lay in bed listening to music. This is when it got crazy. Before this I've done mdma twice and never experienced this, I've done psilocybin mushrooms more than I can count and I've taken LSD once, nothing prepared me for what I went through. At first I sank into my bed and the complete darkness of my room engulfed me, I closed my eyes and focused on the music. That's when the faintest visual fractals started to manifest, but not as in a clear visual, it was more on a sound wave kind of feel if that makes sense. These was endless geometry and fractals that were beginning to fold in on themselves. As I focused on them more they became clearer and more intense, I felt like all of my life's struggles and victories and experiences were folding into one and presenting themselves to me. The music got more intense and so did the visuals, I saw a jester like entity with the mechanical feel to it, around him were endless visuals of these fractal snakes that wanted to try and kill me. I gave in to the being and felt like I had been elevated to another plane of existence and the bodily sensations were incredible.

I dont know if I experienced an ego death or not, it felt very real and spiritual but then again I've never heard of someone experiencing ego death while rolling. As I was elevated to the new plane of existence the jester tried to kill me again but I felt too overwhelmed by the experience and managed to get up and put the light on again. I wish now that I had given in to the experience and seen where it could take me.

For the rest of the night I lay In bed watching YouTube and Netflix but was completely distracted from what happened. I couldn't stop thinking about my experience and am still very confused the next morning. I woke up this morning feeling okay, I dont have the monday blues just yet, but I do feel a deep sense of accomplishment and self actualization and realization that I love myself, my family, my girlfriend and friends and that the choices I've made in my life are all right for me and they've brought me to where I am now. I'm deeply privileged and thankful for my experience and what I got out of it.

It's been a few months now since this report, decided to go back and read through it and reflect. My initial reason for taking this dose was to really experience MDMA alone and focus on the effects it gives me as well as understand how it works and affects me as a person. A little experiment on myself if you will. Since this experience I've done MDMA once more again, on New Years. I did a hippie flip. I did it to also experiment a bit as well as start off the new year with an intense and mind opening experience, but that is a story for another time though. Looking back on the report, I know I didn't have an ego death, however what I experienced was unlike anything I could ever have imagined. It felt as if i had transcended my body and rid myself of everything that is me, however, it was just a very powerful and overwhelming experience. Nothing close to an ego death.


Bluelight Crew
Mar 5, 2008
strong mdma dose and weed and close eyes= posible hallucinations that will blow your mind away- almost like real cartoons in your head