(MDMA/100 MG) -Beginner- A Concert to Remember


Apr 29, 2016
Male, 150 pounds, 5'10"

To start this story off, this was my first time using MDMA. I had done quite a bit of research before trying it.
My friends had offered it to me to take at our favorite band(s) concert (311 & Slightly Stoopid). I was hesitant to try it because prior to this experience, I had only tried cannabis and alcohol.

Well it started off when we got on the road to the concert. It was about 3 PM and was raining pretty heavily. I was sitting in the back seat and had the MDMA in a capsule to swallow. I eventually got the nerve to swallow it, from that point it was just a waiting game. I was quite nervous but also excited.

About 25- 30 minutes later we arrived at the concert. The rain stopped and everything was going great. It hit me all at once the moment I stepped out the vehicle. I immediately put my hands in the air and felt an intense wave of euphoria. The drug was in total effect. I remember walking with my friends to the entrance and all I could do is smile. I felt on top of the world.

1 hour later we were on the concert grounds, waiting for the show to begin. I had separated from my group for a bit to talk with strangers. I'm not usually a talkative person but at this point, I was walking up to strangers and having conversation. It was great. I even walked up to a guy sitting down and I put my arm around him and felt like I had known him for years. I had love for everybody there. I caught back up with my group and wanted to speak with my cousin(best friend since birth) in private. I explained to him that he was my best friend and I even teared up a bit, I couldn't believe the emotions I was experiencing. They were incredibly strong

2 hours in and the concert was underway. I was having the best time of my life listening to the good music and socializing with great people. Blunts were being passed around and I was smoking them, as well. It just added to the high I was experiencing. The rest of the night was a blur. I do remember that time seemed to speed by. Before I knew it the concert was over.

4 hours later we were heading home. I still felt great but I was coming down at this point. The car ride home felt great. I had my hands outside the window feeling the chilly air rush against my hands. Once we got home we decided to smoke some cannabis. I ended up staying up all night because I simply couldn't sleep.

The day after was nice, too. I had what they called an "afterglow". The experience was one to remember. I will always remember that concert. I hope I get the chance to do that again. I don't regret a thing


Nov 15, 2012
youll always remember your first time, its been over 15 years for me and i still do

how did the music sound while on? more amplified i guess? my first time i went to a dance trance club and music was awesome

a few things great job keeping dose in normal ranges 100 gs seemed to be enough for you. If you take a few month breaks in between youll still expirience the same feelings. Ifyouabuse mdma or any empathogen the feeling will go away so be responsible test your stuff, use normal dosing, never go high dosing, and space it out by three months or longer-I know it could be difficult for you since this feeling is new and amazing but i promise itll pay off the patience of waiting.

as faras weed, I found weed caused me to forget parts of my expirience whereas if i didnt smoke i remember the experience much, much better. so I generally dont think its a good idea to smoke, unless maybe coming down and right before sleep or not. I like to remember most of my rolls . Nice trip report


Aug 22, 2006
Nice report mang! I had a similar awesome experience watching Slightly Stoopid on acid. I'm normally kind of a shy guy, but at that show I was dancing my ass off with complete strangers! I love their style of music and it was enhanced even more while tripping. Btw you make me wanna try mdma again.