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Lysergamides LSD first timer. Questions and suggestions


Sep 13, 2018
Lesser Flascouver
It’s become like an industrial complex, this prison “system.”
And there’re folks still languishing there for moving a bit of party substances.

I got busted in ‘92 or ‘93, crossing the border at Nighthawk with a frickin roach.
We actually last-minute-decided to dip into the US, on a trip to Vancouver and thus agreed to dump all our silly-goodies (about a quarter of skunk, a few tabs of WoW, and maybe something else). Pulled over a few clicks from the crossing, and dumped it (along with a cool little one-hitter) in the ditch.
Firstly, we littered, so we’re already crass for that one!!

We then got to the crossing and got the full search of the car, where the officer found a roach. Well it was more like a roach paper, with a few grains of months-old, dried up blackened remains. It was under one of the floor-mats!

I argued or plead with the guy that not only were we not aware (ya they don’t care about that) about the roach, but that it would hardly be an active dose, and so should be tossed in the garbage (they don’t care about that, either).

That ended up with four arrests for possession.
The white room I was separated into was adorned with “zero tolerance” posters with G.B senior’s face starring back.

I was let go later that evening, after we paid our bond and lost the car.

That drug war really fucked things.
Sorry to hear about the incarceration, man!

It’s a funny world now, with all the analogs, considering their draconian approaches in the past.
Hopefully we’re coming around, but who knows?


Feb 28, 2019
Damn. I actually allowed myself to never think about (not same as forget) how absolutely wonderful plugging LSD felt.

I currently am not in fit physical condition to trip, day 15 now off, and I do get respiratory and digestive effects from Lysergamides.

It’s the only cause of my apprehension approaching an experience.

The comeup, on occasions, like 500 ug or 1 mg doses, can be wonderful and blissful.

But regular, strong comeup I don’t always enjoy for a while. And with my abnormal allergenic state, the G.I. and mucus affects also deter me, though on a good trip both can pass and fade to insignificance.

But plugging, I’ve not got those deterrents.

Except, it scares me now thinking I just don’t need to getting that wasted currently.

One day I plugged 200 ug ate 50 and that was one of the best trips of my life. It’s more ecstatic and I could swear the peak was longer, more of a plateau.

I’ve had a tonne of bowel issues recently from viral infections though, and couldn’t rule out plugging any drugs even blotting paper causing some type of irritation or as typical orally immune type response.

But there’s no feelings of hesitation about any restless, jittery comeup discomfort, nausea or respiration.

But a shiver runs down my spine each time I ponder it. My body tells me so much by how it reacts to thoughts and images alone.


Nov 20, 2013
LSD in an acidic context will convert it to the stereoisomer iso-LSD. This can be flipped back by treating it with a basic solution, but I think it could be reasonable to speculate some of the LSD could be converted to this less active form upon hitting our stomach acid depending on our internal pH. So maybe bioavailability is increased by predosing with a spoonful of baking soda dissolved in a glass of water and a couple of Tums… Raising your renal pH certainly increases the bioavailability of amphetamine-class drugs, after all.
This could justify the folk-lore (at least that I've been exposed to) around putting tabs under your tongue, or gumming them. I've always done this and encouraged others too as well because it's seemed like it works better and hits faster.


Moderator: SLR, DC
Staff member
Sep 28, 2019
I was reading a paper the other day which said that science is still figuring out all the metabolites/analogues LSD-25 gets converted into upon injection (depending on route), where they each end up in terms of receptor location and interaction, and what their effect on the whole psychedelic experience is. It does seem though that the interaction between unmetabolised LSD-25 and HTP25A is only part of the story. Definitely necessary for the core of the trip experience, but other aspects of it seem to possibly to be mediated by some metabolites.


Feb 23, 2021
There is little data I can find on how effectively LSD crosses the blood-brain barrier and the mechanisms by which it does so. There is also a lack of data on the role that it’s metabolites play in the psychadelic experience (i.e. whether the byproducts of metabolism contribute to psycho activity). But everything I’ve read says sub-lingual comes on quicker and stronger than oral. This may be because blood vessels used by the oral route transport LSD directly to the parts of the brain where it has its effect without first pass metabolism in the hepatic system. Interestingly 99 % of LSD is metabolised and only 1 % excreted unmetabolised but the bioavailability of oral is only around 75 % on average in studies examining it, meaning 25 % gets metabolised into a large number of other substances before becoming psychoactive.
It's also difficult to study because 1. an active dose is very, very small, 2. the molecule itself is very fragile, so I believe this limits its potential for benign, radioactive isotope tracking and such, and 3. it's Schedule I so it's mired in political red tape and added expense that make it prohibitively difficult to study and get funding for said studies.

That drug war really fucked things.
Sorry to hear about the incarceration, man!
Ah thanks; I really wasn't trying to elicit sympathy though; I had a good run, but I knew I was breaking the law, and even if I were insistent on demonstrating with civil disobedience, I could've done things in a smarter, more effective and probably ethical manner, and can only see that in hindsight, of course, youth being wasted on the young as it is. But meaning to say: I had it coming to me. I kept my mouth shut and they still hit me pretty hard, but it could've been worse. I don't wanna doxx myself here with details, so I'll just say that I did more than five years but less than ten plus some probation, but I've been done with all of that for over a decade now. The record of it doesn't even follow me, because an NCIC check only goes back seven years standard and ten years for L.E. so if I'm ever asked if I've been convicted of a felony I just say "no" and even after checking the database, nothing comes back. Now if you're in the sex offenders registry that's a different story, but again, drug trafficking crimes = the oxymoron “victimless crimes”, which is why I never had any restitution to pay. I had caused no financial harm to anyone, after all.

But yeah the Drug War™ has taken some interesting turns now that the U.S. is seeing a "defund the police" movement coupled with the "marijuana legalization" movement and the majority of U.S. States legalizing cannabis and reflecting the desires of the voting public, the result has been massive budget cuts for many law enforcement agencies, especially vice squads and the like. Some of that funding needs to be funneled into addiction recovery clinics, effective and truthful PSA campaigns, and training mental health professionals to bolster up this part of the healthcare industry, be it private or public, it doesn't matter so long as it's addressed…

This could justify the folk-lore (at least that I've been exposed to) around putting tabs under your tongue, or gumming them. I've always done this and encouraged others too as well because it's seemed like it works better and hits faster.
Yeah so it's the sublingual and buccal routes of administration we're talking about here, and they're known to be quick paths to the heart. This is why, for example, people with heart conditions put nitroglycerin under their tongues to relieve angina. It's also how nicotine gets in the blood from tobacco dips, chew, and snus.