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LSD - Experienced - Epcot at Half Capacity

Cream Gravy?

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Jan 28, 2014
I don't often write trip reports, as I trip too often to justify it; however, this being a very unique trip from many others I've had, I felt the need to write about it. I'll start with a preface and this will be written story-style rather than 'time-centric', as I feel this is the best way to tell the tale of drugs that distort the hell out of your ability to tell time. Marking down timing takes you out of the experience and makes it feel rather clinical as opposed to entertaining and learning in my experience, though I'll do my best to recall specific times. So, here is that tale.

Ever since my honeymoon which also took place at Disney World, I've had an itch to take acid at Epcot. We'll call this a bucket-list trip. The way the place lights up at night is so technicolored as is, I just knew I would want to try tripping there someday. The futuristic aspects of it (what little of it that's left from the late 80s/90s at least) always peaked my curiosity ever since childhood and I'm some weirdo who thinks the slow moving rides such as Spaceship Earth and Figment are fun as can be. Disney's 'Imagineers' have a real knack for visual trickery and I had a feeling Epcot would be the best park to trip in of the four parks, being that it has the World Showcase, lots of great booze and food offerings, and usually the least amount of children present.

My father-in-law retired in 2020, and originally we (that being his children, their spouses, and his one grandchild) were going to go to Disney to celebrate in June of that year. Well as you all may know, the pandemic hit and wham, all the plans got pushed back by one year. So fast forward to June of 2021. We finally got to go to Disney World after it had been opened to about half its normal capacity, and masks were no longer required unless indoors. We all got vaccinated at least one month prior as well to be sure the other gross, grubby 'Mericans weren't going to get any of us killed. The day prior to this trip, we all went to Epcot together (it being a five day vacation, we all got to choose a park to double-up on) so I had a relatively good mental map of the park and knew I wouldn't have to worry about waiting in long lines to ride the thrill rides while frying my ass off, figuratively and literally. The day of the trip, my wife and I returned to Epcot while the rest of the family took an Uber to Universal to see the Harry Potter world there, so we would be free of familial obligations.

Ahem, so! Now that that's out of the way, here's the actual trip-story.

Epcot opens later than everything else and stays open later too, so the morning of the trip we took it slow, getting some breakfast and I gave my wife a massage and we made love since we were finally alone for a few hours in the hotel room. I also took 1mg of alprazolam before the trip due to a strange IBS-disorder I suffer from that causes gut pain after I ingest any and all foods. I waited until about 10:20am before I took a red gel-tab I had been gifted by a good friend. By 10:30am, we were on a bus and off to Epcot.

I first noticed alerts about 20 minutes after ingestion. I had some concerns that the LSD might have degraded due to it first travelling to me from the East Coast to the South Coast, then again to the East inside a St. Joseph's bible I stowed inside my checked luggage, sandwiched into the first chapter of the Book of Job. I did this to question God almost, and when I found that the tab had not been nabbed by TSA, I gave thanks to him and told myself I would not question His presence in the universe. As we were ridding to Epcot, I felt jittery; was it fear, or was the acid taking effect?

As you might have guessed, it was a combination of both. The acid started to cause all sorts of weird sensations by the time we reached the security check. The three days prior, I had been searched thoroughly by the guards for some reason, so the third day I asked one why that was; he told me I need to hold my sunglasses case outside my bag while walking in. Sure enough, I wasn't searched the fourth day (4 is also my lucky number, hmm) as I took his advice and held the glasses case outside and walked right on through security.

By this time, it was maybe near 10:50am or so, we were inside the park and trying to figure out where we wanted to go first. Not wanting to wait in lines for the 'thrill rides' we immediately headed for the World Showcase, walking straight past Canada, the U.K., France, and Morocco, stopping in Japan. By then it was maybe 11am, and we decided to stop at a stand to get some beer. Drinks in hand, I had my wife take a photo of me at the iconic picture point in Japan where you can see the rest of Epcot and Spaceship Earth in the background, dressed like a middle-aged white dude with sun-blocking, light colored gear all over me. By this point I was starting to come-up hard, and so we sat on a bench for a while and simply watched people walking by.

At maybe 11:20am or so, I knew that I was tripping; I asked my wife if the lanterns hanging from the restaurant next to us were blowing in the wind, and she told me there wasn't any wind heheh. The cool Japanese architecture was very mesmerizing to look at, and at that time of day not many shops or rides were open yet and so we were mostly alone there for a good 30 minutes. At this point I also started to notice that I was both sweating profusely and feeling cold chills and shivers. My teeth were chattering and my legs were shaking as I sat there hoping the beer would calm my anxiety. I hadn't taken actual LSD in public for well over two years and suddenly there I was, far from home, surrounded by very fat and ugly people, with weird smells like stale swamp water, floral beers, sunscreen, and funnel cake wafting my way. All these smells and the come-up jitters started to make me feel nauseated, and I went between feelings of excitement and fear every few minutes. All the sights, sounds, and smells started to overwhelm me and I suddenly felt 'the fear'.

I chugged my beer down, then decided that I needed to get to a new setting to try and change how I was feeling. It was now about 11:45am, and we started to walk past America where a Mariachi band was playing (no idea why they were in America heheh) and the groovy tunes helped to put me in a better mood, as we moved away from the swamp water stench and off towards the smells of better food. We kept walking until we reached China, at which point I decided I needed another drink to calm my nerves. We got some booze and some snacks, and then sat on a shaded bench in China for another 30-45 minutes before moving again. By this time I was frying very, very hard. The LSD was strong! I found myself sweating very profusely, overwhelmed by the summer heat, and just sitting there limply while I stared at a beautiful floral tree of some sort that was absolutely covered with bees.

I was really enjoying myself, gawking at passerby's and the cool architecture of the area. Families were starting to feel the heat same as me, and a number of people came and went from the benches near us as I started just starring at the ground, saying over and over to my wife, "I'm frying so hard. I'm frying so hard!" She told me to chill out, that I was gonna freak out families passing us, and so after I finished my drink and snack, I took another 1mg of alprazolam and began to feel my body and mind relax and settle into the trip. By now it was maybe 12:15-12:30pm or so, and after a cute lesbian couple vacated the bench next to us (likely overhearing my tripping balls) a group of 'brochachos' for lack of a better term took the seat near us. I heard them saying 'bro' this' and 'bro' that and 'duuude, if it fucks you up bro' and all that kinda stuff. Basically a large group of barely past 21 year old Zoomers. I couldn't stand their incessant bro-ing any longer, so my wife and I gathered our things and proceeded indoors to the 360 degree China experience nearby.

It being the year 2021 and the cinema experience being from the 90s, it was rather dated in comparison to the current geo-political context of today. They showed Hong Kong and said it was an 'East meets West' place and I couldn't help but think about how China had released this virus on the world all for the purpose of suppressing democracy in ONE city. They of course also glossed over the oppression and genocide of Tibet and the Uighurs. This left me feeling a great contempt for the CCP even though the cinema was showing us all the interesting and gorgeous cultural heritage of the country.

After this, we took a short walk past Norway which has been basically turned into one big Frozen ad, and into Mexico where we went into the Mayan pyramid to ride 'The Three Caballeros' ride. Once again I couldn't help but feel the age of the ride, as it made me feel like it was making fun of Mexican heritage and culture. It was nice to be indoors though, and the interior of the pyramid is definitely a gorgeous sight to see. After some window-shopping, we left the A/C and started to walk back to Japan, as we had a lunch reservation at the Hibachi grill restaurant at 2pm to make.

We arrived with time to spare, and were quickly seated and ushered in. As luck would have it, plastic barriers had been erected at many of the tables so that while we were seated next to another couple who inexplicably got steaks (why go to a sushi/Hibachi place if you don't like Japanese food?), there was no way for them to interact with us. I was tripping very hard still of course, to the point of being incapable of understanding what people other than my wife were saying to me. She insisted it wasn't bright inside and that I take off my sunglasses, at which point I felt very bug-eyed and looked as such. We got another cocktail with our food, and my wife did all the ordering for us while I pretended to be hard of hearing. I don't normally like fish/seafood myself, so I simply let go and allowed her to decide what we would eat and went with the flow. When the griller came out and started prepping our food, I couldn't help but guffaw loudly and smile a shit-eating grin as she deftly prepared our meal.

I have a great fear of squids for some reason, and do not like to even eat them as such, but my wife ordered calamari. Out came a very fresh chunk of squid that fried in a very disturbing manner, the griller woman laughing at how it kept trying to 'hop' away so to speak. Once it was served, I said to myself (as well as out loud), "I ain't 'fraid of you no more squid!" and then proceeded to eat a few chunks of it as well as a number of sushi roll bites. We both ate our whole meal with chopsticks to immerse ourselves in the experience, which was quite the feat for me considering how hard I was tripping and how shaky my hands still were.

I greatly enjoyed the Hibachi experience, but after we left I felt so full and gassy, my body demanding that I take yet another 1mg of alprazolam in order to bed down my gut pains. By now it was past 3pm and we were hiding in a shaded area again, trying to figure out where to go next. We watched people walking by, and I noticed a woman with an incredible looking ass walk by, pointing her out to my wife. Mrs. Gravy said to me, "Women just know how to pick outfits that accentuate their features best," and suddenly I realized that all the women I had been gawking at in their scantily clad outfits were not in fact any better looking than my wife. My wife was wearing very baggy pants, and yet her ass still looked absolutely amazing, whereas all the other cute girls and women walking around seemed to be trying so damned hard to look hot, when in fact it was more visual trickery. This consoled me greatly and helped to bed down my libido, and I took great joy in knowing that my wife was the hottest woman in the park that day.

Unfortunately by this time (around 3:30pm-4pm maybe?) the amount of alprazolam and booze I had ingested began to kill the trip. We went on Figment at this point, and though it was a very visually exciting ride full of entertaining illusions, the technicolor wasn't being enhanced any longer. Some part of me felt down and gloomy that a normally 8-12 hour trip turned into a mere 6 hour trip, but I didn't let it kill my spirits entirely. We sat outside that ride for a while after, taking turns using the restroom. While my wife was in the can, I noticed a bee that was simply sitting on the ground, out where any passing person or child might squish it. The environmentalist inside me and my wife when she returned demanded we not leave the bee until he was airborne and safe again; this turned out to be quite a wait, as he seemed stuck trying to clean something off himself. We couldn't bear to see him die, and so my wife lovingly cajoled him onto a piece of our map and we proceeded to walk him about 100 feet until we found some flowering plants to put him on. He walked off the map and onto the plant, safe again, and we both felt immensely proud that we helped save him from immanent doom.

We then proceeded over to Spaceship Earth now that the line was so short we could walk right onto it. It was immensely entertaining and I must have still been residually tripping still a bit, as it was much more fun than the day prior and didn't have to stop for a fat person to meander onto it. The day prior it hadn't taken our picture like usual either; they must have fixed this overnight, as the cameras inserted a very very VERY amusing picture of us into our 'future', where my wife's eyes were glowing dots due to the flash and my face was cut in half down the middle as I'm guessing the software couldn't comprehend face coverings heheh. We spent a good ten minutes after just laughing at all the funny messed up photos of people they showed after the ride.

After this my memory is a little hazy. It was maybe 5pm-5:30pm by now and we decided to simply walk the World Showcase again to see if there were any more drinks or snacks we wanted, and did some more window shopping to try and find a good souvenir (to no avail.) By the time 6pm or so rolled around, we were both feeling exhausted and made the decision to leave the park early, as they weren't doing fireworks like they used to and had no street shows due to the pandemic. Since the visuals of my trip had ceased by then anyways, I saw no point in waiting around for the technicolor lighting to hit the ball and the fountain out front, and we made our way out of Epcot to the buses. The bus we took went the wrong way for some reason (skipping our stop) and we ended up getting off at a stop many miles away from our hotel room. So we sat around a while till two more buses came by, the second finally having a very kind driver who went out of his way to drop us off by our stop. We felt guilty that we didn't have any cash to tip him, but... c'est la vie.

Finally, we arrived back in our room, hoping in the shower to rinse the sweat and sunscreen off, and then eating some leftover Tiki Masala from the night before at Animal Kingdom. The rest of the family got back from Universal hours later at around 10:30pm, but I was still awake due to the acid and knowing that my brother-in-law would come bursting in loudly and drunk, as we had been pretty much binge drinking as a family all week save for our poor nephew who kept getting angry at all of us for stopping at so many bars and getting drunk enough to jokingly harass him night after night. I tried to force myself to sleep after the rest of the family got back by taking 2mg more of alprazolam, but to no avail. At 1:30am, I got out of bed and dug around for 1mg more of alprazolam, and about 30 minutes later at 2am finally fell asleep and got very little rest as we were going to Magic Kingdom at 7am the next day.

So there you have it folks, that was my bucket-list acid trip at Epcot! If you read this whole story, I hope you enjoyed it. If not, well... I'm sorry, but I don't do tl;dr for trip reports. Would I trip LSD at Disney again? No, probably not. It was a bit too jarring and crowded, and this was only at half-capacity. I can only imagine how stressful yet exciting it might have been during a normal year at full capacity.

Much love to all,
Cream Gravy?