LSD 2 blotters - Experienced - The trip that got me fearing life


Aug 24, 2018
I rocked up to big Jaynes place to chill out vibe out yanno, but then my cuzzy walks in and whispers in my ear. All I could do was shout in excitement and say "where".. he pulls out a crivacted bag with a saddie bag that had pictured weed leaves all over it and 2 plain white acid tabs with just a tiny pattern in the cardboard.. like woah this is some futuristic shit mannn. So I down these 2 fuckers thinking im alright because i usually down 2-4 in one hit. What I say "I don't wanna experience.. I wanna go somewhere, find something within". And you never know what your getting off the dark web.

So after about 40 mins I start seeing things move very slowly and at this time everyone was leaving Jaynes house because she had to do shopping. It was just me and Travis mate chilling out bonging on listening to music when all of a sudden I start dripping with sweat and feel like I'm melting. I start dry reaching but I just couldn't vomit I had to run out side to her back yard so I could get some air. I paced around the backyard in circles walking and trying to vomit at the same time.. 'wat a trooper hay its what I was told'. I finally vomited up a greeny substance which made me do some research into what chemical it was and I'm dead set sure it was MOEA or MEOA not sure but I took an extreme amount in those two tabs and still survived 200yg each I ate 2. I say to my mate to get me a bucket so I can chill in side just go with the flow or its gonna be a bad trip sorta thing. Poor Travis was scared I'm sure he thought I was gonna start foaming from the mouth and drop dead because it looked Close apparently. Aha I walk inside with a bucket under my arm and finally sit back down dripping in sweat. Liquid snot running from my nose eyes all teared up. After that 30 mins I was fine just picked the guitar up and just played and played people started arriving back at Jaynes because whens she's back so is everyone else. It's a 24hr house ahaha I was told my lead guitar is precision and Hendrix is on point. Never played guitar better in my life than how I was on that trip. I was even offered a professional recording session like wattt yess!!!! Ahah In conclusion really I found music within myself again and I'm proud. Aha. I must say jayne was glad I didn't die in her house while she was gone. I've had mates bash police, been sent to mental wards, neally kill themselves. Like people say it's good its safe.. yeah to a certain point, its dosage and moderation, know what your getting because it's all different and one day you just might not come back. I'm surprised I did. Don't smoke crack on acid, way weird effect. This was last weekend and it was the best weekend I've had in a while you don't find acid, acid finds you

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Aug 10, 2018
Midwest USA
Always buy a test kit b/c nowadays the only way to differentiate LSD from 25i is the taste but even than those feelings of being uncertain what you just took will follow you into the trip, and could be the reason your trip ends up going south. Did you spend anytime preparing or was it one of those situations were your friend was like 'Hey I have acid!' and you were like 'Sweet!' and proceeded to eat it? I ask b/c taking psychedelics on a whim without preparing by, at the very least, taking a week to gauge your mindset, could lead to a negative experience. I've never heard of ppl puking up green goo on an RC I think you might've just freaked yourself out a bit. Glad you kept it together and rediscovered the music within you!