Shady's Fox

Bluelight Crew
Jul 12, 2017
Palm trees & sea, just walkin along the beach.
I am running, running, running..

I run and you are so pleasant, stepping over puny ground, fall through butterflies you rise and shake your wings
Troubled eyes, hands shakes & drops the tablets, everything becomes foggy I place on the tip of my tongue the nectar dose
Then I lose my pastel in the sand castle and I scream, no one hears me if I scream but suddenly in a dark atmosphere my image appears next to a winged girl
He tired alike, she supports with sighs, he writes, she open her legs, he tramples her, fed with shivers wish it would cry when it kisses her clavicle
Doesn't bear the heatwave anymore, fog settles in, the chick looked over like I was the fault for the polluted air that she breaths
Says that she wants to die young, I take her hand to encourage her, he steps in angry "I can't dream anymore either' only you and me
I know we all crawl but depends on the roach, she shakes her head in scorn, he divies in signs and break into spheres
The body that lays out when the ink becomes sift, I see that he is maiden and she is screw, they share the same fobia and same fears
I look closely and see that they are twins and as if I though guess my thought they both resemble..

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