Lamotrigine after invega (or any atypical antipsychotic)


Apr 17, 2019
I'm currently on paliperidone, I get on well with it, I sleep well and I'd say I'm pretty much 100%.

Now, recently I spent a few days playing video games, really bedded in and came down. This was a very good experience but it's left me feeling less able to do things than before, less WIREd and a bit more numb. I've seen other people in this here rehab unit that are maybe 10 years older than me and are by now completely unable to do things effectively.

Will the meds take care of this and restabilise me?

Secondly I'm considering coming off these meds and onto lamotrygine, my mum is on it and I am assured that I can get on it. Has anyone had experience coming off standard drugs onto lamotrygine?

Finally I was considering going onto quetiapine. Any feedback to any of these questions is much appreciated! I'm not feeling suicidal but I'm considering killing myself because of what's to come.

Just popped into my mind- also coming off the drugs and smoking weed is an option.