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Poetry Lament To Green, by SEA

Jan 21, 2020
Four Mile Creek, St. Clair Township, Ohio
finger paints and stick figures,
long ago rainy afternoons,
grandma in the kitchen baking cookies,
be with your fingers in blue...
and in green

daddy’s as big as our little white house,
I was too small to be seen,
mom’s smiling up at a clear blue sky,
smoke from the chimney was clean,
the rest of your picture...

was green

we lost an old friend this morning,
mr. rochon’s thousand gold rings,
down in the old grove this morning,
the grove where we played Kings and Queens

... Kings and Queens

i found an old painting and I gazed at the scene,
blues faded thin as the air,
explained to the children that there use to be greens,
but the greens can’t be seen anywhere,
and the children don’t know...

what I mean

don’t go looking for finger paints down in the grove,
down by old Warriors Hall,
there’s nothing but concrete and plastic,
no finger paints sold at that mall...


and the greens can’t be seen anywhere,
for the greens are nowhere to be seen,

and the children don’t know...

what I mean

—SEA (my father the great wizard)

*track one* Lament To Green