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Misc Kratom


Feb 1, 2016
Anyone know just why the fuck they are so determined to get rid of Kratom? Is it because the big Pharma don't want the competition or is it something else?

Why is everyone so determined to take away our own bodily autonomy? I thought this problem was solved decades ago. I guess I was mistaken.
Kratom has been slowly gaining speed in the USA as a replacement for prescription pain medicine. But even bigger is that we’re all using it to wean ourselves off our pills. It was criminalized in Thailand in the 40’s because the government made bank off the opium trade (Kratom grows wild there), and people found it was great for weaning off their opium dependence. The FDA was being run by Scott Gottlieb for a few years recently (he immediately went to be on the board of directors at Pfizer after his tenure at the FDA in 2019). That jackass ran a huge smear campaign against Kratom and tried to convince all of American that it’s addictive and deadly, basically what happened to marijuana when Nixon made everyone think pot caused psychosis (look up “Reefer Madness” on YouTube. It’s unbelievable).

This is 100% about money. If all of Americans discovered what I have known for a few years now..... big Pharma goes bankrupt.


Bluelight Crew
May 7, 2010
grow poppies, its pretty easy

i got some 5x kratom extract a few years ago through customs. was such a good nod.. wish i could get some again sometime


Sep 10, 2019
Hey yall..... The US Food and drug Administration is trying to screw us all again, and this time they’re f’ing with the whole world.
In 2016, the US FDA tried desperately to put Kratom into Schedule 1(with heroin). Thankfully they failed. They have tried an extensive smear campaign ever since then, trying to convince everyone that Kratom is dangerous. About two years ago they actually flew to Indonesia and tried to convince their government to outlaw the export of Kratom (also failed).

Now they’re playing hardball. The United States Food and Drug Administration has convinced the World Health Organization to hear arguments regarding a global ban on all Kratom products. If it passes, it would be an international crime to possess Kratom anywhere in the world.

I’m including the link to a site for public comments on the proposed regulation. Please spread the word. We only have until the end of August to be heard.

But yet they will line the pockets of big pharma because they work hand in hand. Fuck the fda. Fuck the dea and fuck big pharma