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Opioids Kratom?


Apr 17, 2019
(There's a small story here to explain where I'm coming from, and to hopefully help get a better answer. You can also just skip to the bottom where my exact question is italicized! Thanks!)

Heyo! So I'm pretty new around here, and wasn't exactly sure where to go and post this. I'm pretty new to a lot of things when it comes to drugs, and started digging my hole a couple years back. Teeth issues, subsequent painkiller prescription, and just about the worst six months of my life quickly led to the beginning of abuse. Tramadol is not a particularly strong painkiller, but for those with any experience and it being a first abuse? It's quite easily addicting. It has its' own strange little things going for it and after two years I'd still gladly trade some Hydros, or Oxy, for Tramadol.

Anyways I'm not here to discuss how it makes me feel, but it was a lot better gateway drug than weed had ever been. Suddenly I was trying all sorts of things, but usually only to try them. There were a couple of days where I took adderall, and eventually I had a desire to try some stronger painkillers. Then you start chasing that dragon, but I've always been pretty good at never doing anything stronger than Tramadol for more than a couple days. Next thing I know though? I'm stacking 6-8 pills a day with alcohol, and decided it was time to stop, or slow down. I'm no stranger to withdrawal as I spent most of those two years buying them after my own prescription and obviously they would run out. I wouldn't go anywhere else, I would just get clean for a day, or week, or a couple weeks - once I started needing more and cleaning her out quicker and quicker.

Things were going pretty good and I was able to flex the willpower to bring myself to only taking them now and then as a sort of reward. I know that's not exactly the best either, but here's the kicker. I recently spiralled pretty hard, and when I went to go and try to take them to deal? It wasn't doing it.. These much lower doses hadn't been doing much at all, and I don't think I ever really noticed until I wanted to use them to escape again. In desperation to not feel? I jumped up a few ladders and took a small amount of crushed ice in a capsule.

Been a couple weeks, and I have had no interest in doing that again. I do apologize for not getting straight to the point, but I felt that unless I explained where I was coming from? I might not get the answer I need. I've been hearing about Kratom a lot here and there. I'm not looking to get high anymore, and I'm just curious how well it does in curbing all sorts of things for an opioid addict - in my case an addiction to a painkiller that people laugh at me for even enjoying.

Thanks! Sorry if this is in the wrong spot.


Mar 3, 2016
Hello and welcome! Im currently withdrawing from heroin. Using Kratom is definitely helping me with the WD's. Im tapering down the kratom each day, just to make sure I don't get addicted to this as well. But Kratom definitely helps with WD's and cravings. Just make sure you dont use it for more than a week or two. If you get hooked on this, the WD's can be just as bad as regular opiates.

Personally "red" strains work the best. But like I said, be careful. This stuff can be just as addicting.

Good luck!