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Kratom, Suboxone,or Methadone


Aug 13, 2019
I'm a heroin addict. I use around a half gram of China everyday. Someday a little more some days a little less depending on cash flow. I'm wanting to kick but not sure what route to take?? I know cold turkey is out of the question. I've been using opiates for about 20yrs . This isn't gonna be no walk in the park I know. Any insight?


Aug 3, 2017
I don't think kratom would be adequate for your tolerance level.

I would go for either suboxone and methadone, suboxone is probably better if you intend to taper off quickly


Jul 8, 2011
Las Vegas NV USA
What I came to find out about Kratom for me was that if you already have a high tolerance it probably won't work. (That was my experience others have had better luck) I jumped off of Methadone and went down to hydrocodone then to Belbuca. The Belbuca was almost instant but and this very important (BTW I found the answer to this on Bluelight my pain doc was clueless) try to avoid putting yourself into precipitated withdrawal. If I would not have posted on Bluelight I would have taken the Belbuca with opioids still in my system. This is my thread and I got a ton of feedback > https://www.bluelight.org/xf/threads/10mg-methadone-jump-off.872948/

I had a long-time friend that got off China & Fentanyl via Suboxone, he had a week of sleeping and being sick but it did get him on the right track. He is about 2-3 months in and he is starting to clear up. He swears the Suboxone killed his urge. He also had clinic help from day one so I would factor in he had a supervised withdrawal.

Methadone will be the cheapest but it has its own claws but I will say it worked for me until didn't. Belbuca is also very expensive, I have great insurance it went from $400 to $60 for me. I would guess Methodone is better than heroin but it has to be managed.

I know my response is all over the board but trying to think of everything I encountered. I never did Heroin check out as many threads as you can here somewhere is all of it is the answer.