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Kratom ban possible…


Bluelight Crew
Mar 18, 2009
The Cosmos
I know its a long time ago but when the US had alcohol prohibition, Canada did not

It's different now. Canada and the U.S. have harmonized a lot of their systems. If one country bans a drug but not the other, then the other country can become a source of the illegal drug. So they usually ban things together. Mexico is the only country in North America that kind of gives the middle finger to all that, but not always.

If the U.S. bans Kratom, citing research, then Canada will likely follow. I don't see how it wouldn't. In some ways Canada is worse than the U.S. for drug regulation. At least the U.S. has a lot of OTC drugs grandfathered in before the FDA was created. Canada got rid of its grandfathering laws so they can ban almost anything, and they have been. I'm an herbalist and in the past 5 years half of my apothecary has disappeared because of Health Canada. They are closing in.

Until a revolution happens against big pharma, they are going to take over the world, and they will do so by making everyone ill while hiding the cures.


Jan 16, 2009
Statement from the AKA. Funny how rumors start. But I have seen a lot of rumors not this one so I was surprised to get this email. The AKA has their finger on all the right bottons.

Statement on Indonesian Kratom Supply Chain

Kratom Advocates:

The American Kratom Association is aware of reports that The Kratom Herald article published two months ago is being recirculated on social media claiming that kratom will be banned in Indonesia within 6 months and that will cause a collapse the global kratom supply.

There is no evidence to support this conclusion, and we strongly encourage all kratom consumers to reject the recommendation in the article to stock up on kratom before the claimed ban will take place.

The AKA has been working closely with Indonesian government officials and growers groups for the past several years and no one believes that the BNN’s proposed ban will actually be enacted. In fact, the BNN would not have the authority under Indonesian law to enforce such a ban without the support and approval of a number of Indonesian Ministries or the President of Indonesia.

In fact, when the question was asked directly of Indonesian contacts about whether there would be any ban implemented Indonesia in 2022 as predicted by The Kratom Herald, one official stated such claims were “irresponsible."

The American Kratom Association


Apr 9, 2013
More great news: 1. The WHO has a different comment deadline than the FDA. September 27! So although the FDA comments portal is probably offline now you can still comment or have friends, family or anyone who will stand still long enough to understand and agree to help comment on protectkratom.org. Note: if you have already commented they are asking that people not comment twice. Instead ask others to comment.

2. The international community is rallying around this issue. Kratom was just completely legalized in Thailand yesterday according to the AKA webnair speaker I heard tonight ( Mac Hadwood I think but several people spoke so it’s a bit hard to remember who said what). Anyway, they don’t want to see this decision undone at an international level.
So scientists from Thailand will be supporting the AKA at the virtual meeting with the WHO and UN etc on October 11.

3. Despite earlier concern about a kratom ban in Indonesia next year, if I understand right that is off the table for now. In large part because no satisfactory replacement scheme has been proposed that would allow vast numbers of farmers to support their families which is obviously a bigger problem for them in light of COVID-19.

So experts from Indonesia will also be supporting the AKA at the big meeting.

4. The FDA made themselves look bad during the legal proceedings that the American kratom association started about the original deadline.

5. a decorated Navy Seal started consuming kratom to deal with incredible pain associated with war injuries and he has volunteered to make a testimony video for the AKA. The buzz around the zoom chat on the webniar was that his name is Drew something.

My guess is that he could be pretty famous if he is well known enough to be known just as “Drew the Navy Seal”.

So this could be a huge boost to the effort to get the word out about what Kratom is, how it helps people and what the FDA is trying to weasel.
For better or worse American ( as a cultural whole) lives by the sword and values it’s war heroes. So getting one to champion the cause could be a huge advantage.

5. The American kratom association has found a donor who is willing to match donations starting September 9th I think they said

That is the list of good news I heard from the meeting. The concerns I heard are as follows:

1. speaking time at the meeting in October will be limited to 5 minutes and not everyone who applies will be chosen to make statements.

2. with each crisis the AKA feels the impact of donor/advocate fatigue. And yet this will either be our biggest victory or biggest loss. So we really need to rally everyone.

3. The new presidential administration seems to be under the misconception that the FDA bases everything on science. So the AKA needs to do some fast education of the official who said that on the record ( I don’t remember the name or role of the official they named in the webnair).

4. There are kratom supporters who are dividing the kratom community by wrongful saying that the AKA is trying to undermine small vendors by imposing extra regulations.

5. If this issue of a ban isn’t nailed into a coffin in October the next stages will get progressively more difficult.

however there would be a year at least before any international ban went into effect. Ergo, the American kratom association is saying that no one needs to stockpile kratom at the moment. I guess this point should have gone on the good news side of this post.

Things you can do to help:
1. Comment and ask others to do so.
2. If there are shops that sell kratom near you the AKA has emailed a flier that you can ask the shop to post. I’m not that technology savvy but I will try to post the flier file here.

3. Donate if you can. Personally I plan to save all of my soda cans between now and September 15th, recycle them then, load a visa gift card and donate the money. I drink a lot of soda so it is a strategy that works for me but things like surveys and rewards programs like swag bucks could work too if one has been sitting on points for a while,

4. (religious content below so if it’s not your thing kindly stop reading here, Thanks. I don’t want to start a debate)

Most important I think: if you are a Christian or serve YHWH or are otherwise the praying type: pray constantly for the concerns above. Pray that the lord will direct who gets to speak at the October meeting. Pray for the speakers as they prepare.
And especially on the 11th of October fast and pray if you can. I can’t completely fast from food but I will probably do sugar or technology that day or something.

Let all the prayer warriors be vigilant and on their knees that day! And don’t forget praise is a very strong spiritual weapon. I am a Bible student so yeah it is showing here! We Christians have an enemy and it’s not the FDA although He would love for us to get confused and distracted on this issue and forgot that he is the real problem.
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