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Kratom and Minocycline, any interactions to be aware of?


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Mar 10, 2006
iterating through cyclic eternities
Question is in the thread title, with specific focus given to the likelihood of liver issues.

Minocycline is a fairly problematic tetracycline as far as they go, obviously risk is still low on the whole but there is a not insignificant body of evidence of strange and unpredictable liver damage occurring, at least once requiring an actual transplant.

Kratom on the face of it, there are less studies, many would say it's entirely safe, but there do seem to be questions asked about it's own liver dangers, from time to time.

Less importantly for now, but also, would be very interested if anyone could shed some light firstly on minocycline specifically about the liver damage mechanisms. And secondly on interactions to potentially avoid, and why? Specifically other opiates, if possible, but also just any generally used substance, class, or anything.

Thanks in advance!


Jun 20, 2020
not sure about minocycline specifically, but as ex long term kratom user, that shit interefered with everything i took! with 75% of herbals and almost ALL meds. Ill suggest be careful mixing it with anything. as far as i know, it has extremely long half life and inhibits liver enzymes so it can potentially bad with most things. on the positive note, some useless herbs were actually pretty potent when combined. meds were always bad tho. thats the main reason i quit kratom. this shit interacts with almost everything, even probably food.