Opioids Kadian (Morphine sulphate extended release capsules) Easy method to prep for IV


Feb 12, 2011
Hi all, I just wanted to contribute some information regarding the "Kadian" brand of extended release morphine sulphate. I've had trouble finding reliable information concerning these pills, so I wanted to describe my method that seems far easier than other methods I've been seeing posted around the internet. So here it goes:

Step: 1.) Open Capsule (I've recently acquired the brown 200mg ones).
2.) Pour contents(little white beads) in anything sterile used to crush (I've used dollar bills before in a pinch, but
in the interest of harm reduction, I'd use a good quality pill crusher swabbed with alcohol, or, OPTIMALY: A
small shotglass swabbed with alcohol, left to dry briefly, and the orange tip of a syringe (also alcohol
swabbed), as a "pestle" and crush finely using the tip of the syringe. Since morphine sulphate has a
solubility of 60mg/ml of water at 20C, ice cold bacteriostatic water at 5C should approach 100mg/ml (not
exactly), I only used half of the contents of my 200mg pill).
3.) Pour crushed contents of said pill in a (pre alcohol swabbed spoon), and continue to crush even more finely
with the aforementioned tip of sterile sryinge.
4.) Add (like I mentioned before cold bacteriostatic water if using more than 60mg), and continue to crush,
stirring often).
5.) The bead casings will not dissolve in cold water (which is very good considering what they're made out of
should, under no circumstances, enter in to the final solution).
6.) Using a micron filter or a wheel filter, finger the milky white cold solution from the bits and particles
(prior to having access to micron or wheel filters I've used antimicrobial steril cotton, but it is NOT
recommended, because you have no way of filtering out the microscopic small bits of God-knows-what-

After filtering you should now have a clear solution of morphine sulphate that is ready for injection. Mods and/or experts, please move this to a more appropriate place if necessary and add/correct any information that might be considered unsafe or is incorrect.

Also, I'd be very interested if anyone else uses this method? If so are there any changes you make from this? I'm also curious to know if this is indeed as safe as I think, or am I terribly wrong? Thanks for letting me add my 2 cents,



Oct 28, 2011
could i make my mst 100mg tablets instant release by doing this and drinking the water tablet solution?


Jul 18, 2013
Just wondering if anyone knows good ways they break down or if leaving them in water, how long they would take to dissolve. would they beads themselves dissolve or just release the morphine into the water?


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Feb 12, 2018
hello, you can find everything here: https://www.bluelight.org/xf/threads/morphine-mega-thread-faqs.420635/ , maybe someone willl even merge your thread with it. for snorting you just have to crush them, so I would guess for IV you crush them disolve them in water and filter. I did not encounter the kadian ones just sevredol and vendal but I remember reading about them in the mega thread several times, I just don't remember the page and I got no patience to go through it know but you can click it then press ctrl + f and type in kadian . for safety pls try using some micron filters if you can, they are worth the expense as they are not very expensive and prevent you from some risks although they do not make shooting pills 100% risk free.


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Apr 17, 2005
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I didn't know why my bupe doc back when I needed surgery gave me Abstrals 400ug (fentanyl sublingual pills) to take as needed (after stopping 10mg suboxone it was a bitch to wait 48 hours), but my maintenance was Kadian 200mg, between the 130 and 200mg, depending on what your bupe dose is, anything under the 130's is useless. Just a warning, not sure about other countries, but Kadians have talc in them, unlike say, HydromorphContins which can be filtered very well with Sterifilts/wheel filters, talc containing products....better not, unless you got some actual chemistry knowledge and a lab to isolate the morphine. I was wondering why I wasn't scripted the more common M-Eslons or generic MS Contins. Man, when I only injected Dilaudid and very rarely back in 07-11, I managed to shoot up morphine with M-Eslons 30's and Sterifilts. but I didn't bother with the awesome little red rectangles of love known as brand name MS-Contins 200mg, I ate those, but pre-boosted with antihistamines and 600mg huge cimetidine pills (I forgot if it was of any use, but I figured why not, I remember when my friend just gave me a huge handful of 200mg MS-Contins telling me his dead grandma had all of that stuff left, not knowing the price of what he was holding, since he wasn't into opiates, I said nothing).

And goddamn, maybe it was because I actually needed painkilling for the surgery, but the Kadian 200's were just keeping me not in withdrawal, taken every 12 hours, painkilling only happened with the 400ug Abstrals, sometimes taking 2 at once (they go up to 800ug, they're 80,200,400,600,800), and man did it work, but fent has little more euphoria than codeine. So I think they picked Kadian on purpose, fearing, even after then 5 years 1/2 of being a perfect ORT patient, made sure I wouldn't get M-Eslons. Or those weird MS-Contins XL which are actually capsules with powder in them too, never seen em other than in pictures and in the list of available morphine products on Health Canada's website. I would have appreciated 50mg Statex IR's I can tell ya, and not because I wanted to shoot em up....although they're the holy grail of for IR morphine pill injection, the 25's are good too. Too bad you don't have em down south, we also have MS IR's and even after filtering a MS IR 30mg a few times with quality Sterifilts....the liquid in the syringe didn't inspire me much.

But yep, talc in Kadians, I think Sterifilts aren't enough, I think only the most precise of microns (.22?) can deal with that. Be safe. Be smart.