IV in the neck and headaches...


Feb 16, 2012
Hey there, so I have a question for any experienced IV users, especially anyone that has used their neck before. with a lot of my veins collapsing and not wanting to play I have turned to the right side of my neck when all else fails. Probably only the over the last week or so I've been getting continuous headaches, and I never being a person to get headaches. It's a pounding in front of the head sort of pain.
Yes I've had a lot of stress on but that's not unusual. I try to remember to drink as much water as I can and the only other thing I can put down to is when I do get stressed I have a habit of sucking my teeth which is also a meth thing I do but have learnt to control it most of the time.
I should probably add that it is meth im injecting. I've been doing this daily for about 7 years now but the neck as Roa only of the past 3 or 4 months.
I'm just slightly concerned about brain aneurysms and if there's something waiting to pop in my head ! I do hope I am worrying over nothing and just been dramatic. Thanks in advance for any help:)