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Is nitrous really that good?


Sr. Moderator: AADD, H&R, TDS
Staff member
Oct 22, 2012
I've tried nitrous many times. And I liked it a lot every time I did. Though I can't see you getting a great result using actual whipped cream cans if that's what you're doing.

Hip Pickle Rick

Sep 30, 2020
I always found it enjoyable, but strange. Used whipped cream cans in my teens, and whippets when I was middle aged. I hope most people find better things to do.


Oct 27, 2018
Right next to your door
Nitrous is a very unique drug. For me, by itself, it's just meh, whatever. It does feel physicallly pleasurable, but it's so short and one-dimensional that I don't bother.

However, when you're on a psychedelic, nitrous can be incredible. Basically what it does is puts you into this thought loop zone where it's like you're privy to all of the questions and answers of the universe, the snake eating its tail, the cosmic joke. It can absolutely stagger me, unreal sorts of experiences that transcend space and time. But you always forget when you come down. Still, it's exhilarating and I enjoy hitting nitrous for a bit from time to time when I'm tripping. I have managed to take away from it into my regular life a certain sense of tragic irony, that what all of this is, is that we are all the universe experiencing itself subjectively in an infinite, interconnected dream as all of these different selves. And the reason for this is because without the dream, all there is is a void of nothingness and loneliness, all alone outside of time and space. So life is the entire point of the universe, the experience, no matter what experience it is, is the entire point. The irony is that so many people seek oblivion, when it was from oblivion that we chose to seek life. I've come back from nitrous laughing at the state of the universe... or humans anyway. We always want what we don't have, and we chase it around and around in circles, like a dog chasing its own tail.

Nitrous: virtually or perhaps actually impossible to describe, but very compelling on occasion. The thing it does to your consciousness is very unique and powerful. But I have never once been able to get any of that psychedelic part of it without already being on a psychedelic when I do it.

The last time I did nitrous, I had taken 2C-B earlier and I was feeling really nice. I hot one charger of nitrous, only one, and instead of the usual effects, instead it was like a switch flipped and felt the most overwhelmingly powerful physical euphoria of my life, it was like I was constantly having an orgasm in terms of the feeling, but it wasn't sexual. It was so strong I couldn't even think or do anything, and it lasted for ;like 5 minutes and started to scare me a little because it was like for a few minutes I put my finger into a pleasure light socket and got pleasurlectrocuted, it felt like maybe it wasn't supposed to be happening, it was too good.
I have very vivid dreams and have tripped on acid quote hard and have had awake dreams States after binging Ephylone sleep deprived for days (Incredibles) and i can tell you you're so right about this. We live to dream. I've achieved oblivion as well and i can tell you it's worth seeking. If you have a LIFE, oblivion is it all in a punch to your face.

Gary White

Oct 8, 2019
You can do stupid stuff with any drug. The trick is to understand the difference between Nitrous and more powerful drugs, understanding this is not heroin. It is a mild mind expanding thing, not knock your dick in the dirt. You need oxygen in your systen to get it to work. If you like hypoxia, save your money. There are cheaper ways to strangle yourself.