In Memoriam Captain.Heroin

I have confirmed this with family. CaptainHeroin, who has been a senior moderator here for so long, has recently passed away from a tragic OD. He has helped me for very many years with harm reduction, along with countless others. He helped me laugh when no one else could. It is with great sadness I announce this to the BL community. I am weeping.
Hard to imagine his mental health getting ever worse... Those conquers shit never fucking helps if you truly want to die.

Wish you a journey full of love Captain!

You've done your part here. See you on the other side....I guess...
I'm sorry for the loss of the family.....just called LIFE and is just a moment in eternity. A drop in an ocean.

I myself lost a dear friend also from OD on heroin. Yesterday i was on he's funeral to say goodbye.
A month earlyer, another dear friend....
And before this, a few months earlyer, another....
Sometimes I wonder who's next....but i always remember I don't really want to know...just live the present moment.
We suffer just to be able to enjoy small things that make us happy. Otherwise we just can't enjoy happyness.

Wish you an enlighteen journey Captain! Much Love!
You made such a dramatic exit.
If life is a stage then you are still that superstar ! ☄⚡
Still missing that Captain though. ♡
I was reading our old discord messages today and got hit on the feelz

Damn and fucking fucking fucking fucking fuck this shit.