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☠ WARNING ☠ [Important NBOMe warning] Taking unknown blotters sold as LSD

Cosmic Charlie

Bluelight Crew
Oct 24, 2007
dEeP iN HyPerSPaCe
I mean I can keep a psychedelic collection because I just have so many damn doses and some of the drugs are potent like all my DOx generally. I have bunch of Tryptamines too I just bulk buy certain things and I mean psychedelics are pretty self-limiting I trip couple times a week usually and that is alot but I mean I can only get thru grams of most stuff so fast and the trick is to move on to the next thing quick enuff to leave surplus of the last ones. But I feel you man last Wednesday I binged and did 7 different psychs that night, but they were all safe ones to combine 2C-B, 2C-B-FLY, aMT, DMT, DPT, 4-AcO-DMT and DOiP...it was wasteful tho in retrospect and I generally only do that if I take a benzo. Normally I just take one or two at a time, my fav thing is to combine a psych and a dissociative. Over the coming weeks I will have more O-PCE and DCK to play with, I also just bought a time lock safe....maybe you should invest in one aswell Mr. Snafu.