Illicit drug tales with a difference


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Mar 12, 2001
A lot of Bluelighters (even those of us who seldom use rec drugs nowadays) have always held hopes that one day the user would be offered some dignity and a right to partake of substances he/she chooses. It seems like such a terrible injustice to reprimand someone because they decide to to swallow an E, smoke a joint, or snort a line simply for PURE enjoyment.

We tend to think of Illicit drugs as those substance which pertain to recreational enjoyment - labeled the abusable chemicals and plants which have no medicinal value.

But stop for a minute and think about those people who could benefit in a more essential way. It's hard to imagine that if there was a substance that has been known to cure cancer, that it would be banned.

Some weeks ago a far flung associate called around to say that a mate of his was -without permission- importing a health product designed to cure or protect against cancer. His wife had been cured and he was disobeying regulations in order to provide others with the substance. Within a moment I realized that this was the natural source of B 17, a vitamin produced in apricot kernels.

~~~~~~~~~~ 2 examples of a different kind of "dope" tale.

Between 1986-89 my wife and I owned and ran a small HiFi shop. Over this time I had various people do outside work for me such as installations, repairs etc. One of the best workers was a guy was in his early fifties; a very conservative (religious) father of 4.

His youngest son, at 19 months, had been diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma, a normally fatal disease, which in many cases does not respond well to conventional therapies. Regular chemotherapy left him sick and agitated. His father recalled how the toxic chemical once spilled from the syringe onto his arm, where it burned into his skin and left a scar which remains to this day.

After several months of treatment no improvement was noticed. My friend, being a very active seeker of the truth, turned away from conventional treatment - against advice of the strongly coercive hospital fraternity - to a compound noted as having amazing results when treating this type of cancer. But the red tape he went through was daunting to say the least. After sending a lot of money to Mexico, some was dispatched and arrived in Sydney some weeks later. His brother went to pick it up, but it was held by customs as no approval had been granted. Meanwhile the lump on the baby's neck grew to the size of a small football and was at that stage restricting his breathing.

My friend drove to Canberra and with much difficulty (and threats) he received clearance for the drug. Within 2 weeks of administration (under the guide of a health professional) the lump receded and eventually disappeared completely. He's now a healthy young man and has been in remission ever since. My friend gave the remaining B 17 to the practitioner, who was willing to administer this illegally to other patients.

~~~~~~~~~~~~ Tale # 2

A very dear friend of both my wife and I - someone I've known well for 25 years - a few years ago had the unthinkable happen. His eldest daughter at age 11 developed a Melanoma which spread from her head very quickly to other areas of her body including the lymph nodes. He was told conventional medicine had nothing to offer her.

This began a great battle for his family. He sold his 50,000+ record collection, cashed in bonds and eventually sold his house and spent all their savings in attempt to find a cure. They travelled the country in search for alternative cures. Time and time again B 17 came up. He concluded without a doubt that it was the one thing that may help. But he was told he could not import it, and no doctor he could find was willing to support his cause through the TGA, which is required in order for a patient to obtain it legally.

Being such a law abiding citizen his only choice was to to travel with his daughter to a country which does allow the use of B 17. This was Japan.
To cut a long story short, she too is now in complete remission, and lives a full and happy life. The parents now both work full time again, in counselling of all things. They had previously retired, but the costs of the ordeal had exhausted all their savings.


So what's the deal with this stuff? One would think that it must be very risky stuff to use, have a high potential for poisoning or something. Or else there is something far more sinister behind it's scheduling.

You see the thing is, all I've been able to find on this substance indicates the contrary. IF cancer cells are present, it seems to work by releasing cyanide at the location of the cancer. BUT if the literature is to be believed, cyanide is only released in the presence of beta-glucosidase, an enzyme only present in cancer cells. Anyone who doesn't have cancer will simply not produce cyanide by taking B 17. BTW, B12 contains the cyanide radical, but you don't see that banned, nor hear of cyanide poisoning from taking it.

What's even more disgusting - and no-doubt reflects Mr Beatty's blind approach to rational law making - is that even with a TGA permit, you cannot legally import this product or possess it in Queensland :p

The paper work involved (for Qld approval) states that you basically must be in the final stages of life and all conventional means of therapy must first be exhausted. In other words, not until you're almost dead do you qualify :X

So why hasn't the medical fraternity leaped onto this seemingly marvelous cure? Perhaps it's the old qustion of economics. B 17 (Amydalin) cannot be patented by the big pharmaceutical giants? I'll leave you to decide.

Amydalin (aka Laetrile or Vitamin B17)

Check out this informative site for more information on B 17 and places where metastatic patients may obtain treatment.

Sorry if this seems out of place here, but the cause for legalising rec drugs must be seen to be of a low priority when considering how remedies for real suffering and life threatening ailments are basically ignored.

I now have a new cause to fight for. It may not be any easier, but more noise needs to be made about it. And, unless conflicting studies indicate otherwise, Big Heads need to roll
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Apr 4, 2000
Melbourne, VIC
Unfortunately I have no doubt this is not the only case...I'm sure there's plenty of "cures" (for want of a better word) that are being overlooked.

Hell, look at the extremely gradual turnaround to Eastern Medicines in the Western world. Some (a very limited amount) of formally trained Western world doctors are now coming to realise that just because its natural doesn't mean it wont work, and are now embracing some of the Oriental ways (and its also being recognised finally by many if not all of the Private Health Insurance companies...surely an indication of their true worth).


Aug 16, 2004
Just because a drug can be abused they(government) seem to think only about the negatives...

Basically they're doing quick patch-ups to the system without any worthwhile research.

Australian Law = A bunch of quick-fixes.


Feb 23, 2004
I think PD has hit upon the flawed policy which schedules life saving drugs. This same policy/law has also scheduled many of the recreational drugs that can be safely used as well.

i think the decriminlisation moment should stop campagining to decriminlise recrecational drugs and instead focus on the law/policy on how these drugs are scheduled in the first place. Lobbying should be put into place which forces governments to conduct full medical trails to determine the value of a substance to society before banning it. Instead of focusing on substances which mainstream society associates with fucked up druggies and losers we should instead focus on things life saving drugs and change policy not just for our selfish desires but rather for other peoples lives.

that story was really sad PD, one to make a person very angry at how the status quo contiune to fuck up this world


Nov 13, 2004
The big drug corporations much prefer to offer "stopgap" solutions rather than "cures"...

why would they want to sell a drug which CURES patients, denying themselves volume of repeat purchase per-patient...

Chemo drugs aren't cheap... they don't work in many cases... it is long treatment plan...
lotts of money there

It's fucking disgusting, but seems more and more true every day...


Jan 22, 2005
Melbourne (Boronia)
It's not just government that seem to want to ignore more natural remedies. I have asthma, i've had it since I moved to Melbourne in 87.
I have been using ventolin every day for years. I started using preventer inhalers which have small amounts of steroids in them. They all gave me raspy throat and I hated them.
Convinced there had to be a better solution, I did some searching on the net and tried some natural solutions. I discovered a product called OPC-3 Which is made up of about 4 ingredients all designed to improve general health (Billberry, Grapeseed, pinebark and something else) . within 2 weeks I didn't need any medication for my asthma, because I wasn't getting it anymore. Unfortunately, it was way too expensive, so I investigated further and discovered that it was most likely the Grapeseed that was helping me.
Grapeseed is a cheap product available at most chemists over the counter. It doesn't work quite as well as the OPC-3, but my need for ventolin is maybe once a week now, much more managable and I know it is completely natural and not going to cause worst things 20 years from now.
I went to a doctor recently to get my allergies tested (primarily to see if there was any specific thing I could avoid to help with my asthma even more). I discovered that I am VERY alergic to mixed pollens (great!) and Rye grass, along with a reasonable reaction to dust mites. The only suggestions the doctor had for me was to use the dreaded steriod filled preventer inhalers, a nasal rinse (twice a day, i did it for 2 before chucking it) and some other crap sounding chemical...

The moral of the story, nature has a funny way of having everything we need to survive, thrive and heal. Trying to heal ourselves of the chemicals we put in our system by the polution in the air and the additives in our food, by putting more chemicals in our body is not the way to go in my opinion. It's just sad that government and western medicine seem so opposed to it.

I can't believe I just wrote that much....