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iDoser on DXM


Dec 25, 2014
For those of you who don't know, iDoser is a company that produces binaural beats designed to mimic drugs. Some people get no effects, but most people feel a slight buzz from it. I wouldn't say it's any stronger than a cigarette, but i mean it's literally just listening to sounds.
Anyway, I did DXM the other night (actual DXM, not iDoser DXM), and tried listening to iDoser. For some reason, it was much stronger while on DXM. I listened to a few different ones, and found bromo dragonfly very interesting because i actually got some open eye visuals, which i don't get from listening to it sober. It wasn't anything crazy, i wasn't seeing stuff as intense as i would on an actual psychedelic, but i saw flashes of colored symbols from a video game i was playing earlier that day, as well as tinted colors on the ceiling and walls. I also tried listening to MDEA, and instantly a smile grew across my face. I don't do a lot of drugs anymore, really just weed, DXM, and my prescribed adderall and xanax, so I don't know how many drugs intensify it, but out of everything i do now DXM is the only one that really effects it. Has anyone else had similar experiences?

Just BTW, iDoser does not work without headphones, and is much less effective if you listen to it on youtube. However, I would advise listening to it on youtube before spending any money on it to see if it has any effect on you, because some people feel nothing.