I have tried Googling about Ketamine and how Safe it is to use it on Opioids mainly Methadone Maintenance or any Opioids and haven't found much.


Oct 25, 2010
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I am on on 90MG Methadone Maintenance which I have literally been googling Ketamine (which is how I came across a study involving Etizolam I actually came across it twice when googling another drug and inhibition) and whether it would be safe and only thing I can find is not to mix it with Downers and it is a bit confusing since I am also reading that Ketamine increases blood pressure and heart rate can someone please explain that how it does that to the body, while at the same time depressing the CNS or I don't even comprehend and understand how the Drug does that at the same time as I have barely read about it which I plan to do tomorrow and Google only about Ketamine and if that yields no results go further and deeper into Internet and other Forums thought I'd ask here and see what this Sub-Forum knows since you may or may not know something about this either way tell Me if this is uncharted territory.

I tend never research a drug until I acquire it which I have a Liquid Bottle of it I was hoping to dry some out and snort small amounts to test it out and maybe save a bottle of it for I.M. idk I can easily get more. The point is it says not to mix with CNS Depressants when using Ketamine Like Benzodiazepines, Opioids etc.

I have been using Benzodiazepines safely daily with my Methadone 90MG daily since age 17 I was using Hydromorphone with a Legit Prescription but started using more than prescribed up to 56MG daily before I got on Methadone at age 20 I just turned 26 may 11.

Using Opioids and Benzodiazepines together is not a good idea yet people do it everyday and well... They are not dead sooo point made it is potentially risky I guess still specifically without a tolerance to both opioids AND benzos. Now a drug that comes to mind that is NEVER EVER going to be safe no matter how small of a dose you use etc. is Cocaine and yet millions of people use it every year use Cocaine without having a stroke or heart attack and most of us are aware of the risk and accept it. Now Some rare cases where people have consumed very small amounts of Cocaine end up in the emergency room with some serious life threatening Symptoms so.

I can't find any anecdotes or studies on nevermind Methadone and Ketamine use but any Ketamine and Opioid use so I have no idea if snorting a line would be an instant death sentence. But if I can't find any information or get any replies I'm just doing things the old fashion way and going to put it in Gods hands.
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Sep 14, 2009
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Ketamine has been used in combinstion with opioids for anethesia in many settings, because ketamine is not a respiratory depressant (it's actually a respiratory stimulant) it's considered safe.

I've personally combined ketamine and opioids many times with no ill effects.