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Misc I bought generic Ritalin and generic Ativan from a reputable pharmacy I frequent in Algodones. However, they appear to have the same color and stamp?


May 13, 2019
Hi. I'm not curious whether or not the drugs are authentic or what they may or not not contain - I am just curious whether it is normal for two different pharmaceuticals to have the same appearance despite being a different drug or whether a possible mistake was made in filling my prescription?


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Feb 8, 2006
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If they have the exact same shape, color and imprint, then certainly something fishy is going on. You could use this pill identifier site to see what comes up and see if it matches one of the drugs you mentioned. It's entirely possible they're fake pills, though, even if they match (someone could have tried to make them look authentic), there are people distributing fentanyl in pills so you need to be careful.

That seems pretty sketchy, the best advice for you is to probably just toss them but if you can't make yourself do that, at least try the pill identifier. It is possible they made a mistake and sent double of one instead of both of them, too.