How to clean up adulterated cocaine

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May 5, 2004
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how to clean up adulterated cocaine

Originally posted by Le Junk
I have found that chloroform will remove any amphetamines, ephedrine or psuedo-ephedrine from cocaine. All three of these adulterants have recently been found in quite a few shipments of U.S. bound cocaine. They react slower than cocaine (about 10-20 minutes after snorting), so you won't feel their negative effects until about 20 minutes after your first couple lines of what you thought was just simply cocaine only.

Basically, after snorting the first few lines, you'll usually feel great for about 15 minutes and then all of a sudden start feeling very uncomfortable. Most likely symptoms will include being, paranoid, edgy, ampy, uncomfortable and untalkative.

So, to remove these unwanted adulterants from your cocaine, all you have to do are these two simple procedures.

For this easy process, you will need the following items: acetone, chloroform, 100 ml. glass beaker, 10 in. glass stir rod, flat bottomed coffee filter paper, plastic oil funnel, a 9-10 inch glass Pyrex pie plate and a tall drinking glass.

First off, you will need to obtain some lab grade chloroform. I'm not a chemist, but I was easily able to order online from a chemical supply company that delivered right to my door. But, I would suggest using an alternate name for your order with words in it such as "research", "technologies", "diagnostics" etc., if you know what I mean.

Now, you'll also need a 100 ml. glass beaker and a 10 inch glass stirring rod. These can be ordered online from any chemistry supply company.

The acetone can be purchased at any Home Depot, Lowes, Menards, or any local hardware store. You'll find it in the paint section.

Now remember, cocaine is entirely soluble in chloform and insoluble in acetone.

So, pour some chloroform into your beaker. About 2/10ths to 3/10ths of the way. Add all of your cocaine and stir thoroughly for about 3 minutes. All of the cocaine will dissolve entirely, while any of the unwanted three adulterants will fall to the bottom of the beaker, or even remain suspended in the liquid. The liquid may even be so cloudy that you are unable to see thru it. That means that there are alot of adulterants in it. Let the mixture settle for about 5 minutes. It does not need to settle completely before you pour it into the filter. Sometimes it's so adulterated that complete settling is not even possible.

Place a flat bottomed coffee filter paper into a plastic funnel for support of the filter. Carefully push down the filter paper into the funnel as far as you can without ripping it.

Using a friend, hold the funnel with filter paper placed inside of it over the 10 inch glass Pyrex dish for collection of the chlorofrom/cocaine that falls thru the funnel. Once you've stirred for the last time, quickly pour your contents into the funnel. Any residue left behind in either the filter paper or the beaker, you can discard. It's nothing more than junk, period! What you want is the chloroform/cocaine that fell thru the filter paper onto the glass dish. It should fall thru the filter paper as a clear to somewhat slightly cloudy white liquid. It should start turning more and more white as the chloroform evaporates (rather quickly I might add)

Now, chlorform is rather toxic with fumes, but not flammable, so you'll want to put it in either the garage or in an unused bathroom with the fan on while it evaporates. Keep it out of any humidity. It will only slow the drying time. I would suggest putting a heat lamp over the dish to speed up the evaporation process. It's rather quick anyway, but this will only help speed it up. Make sure you don't get the light to close. About 12 inches away is good. Check on it periodically until it's completely evaporated. When done, it will leave a white icy looking residue at the bottom of the plate. It will be a thin swirley layer of white, pearlescent looking crust. This will be pretty pure cocaine at this point.

Once dry, scrape the residue up into a pile. If it's not done evaporating completely, it may stick to the razor blade a little. If this happens, just put it back under the heat lamp for a few minutes.

Once scraped into a pile, it should be bleach white. It will look kind of like ice cycles and long in appearance, but just chop it up as well as you can. If you have a screen, and it's dry completely, you can actually chop it up as fine as sugar.

Now, pour about a 1/4 to a 1/3 of acetone into another beaker or the same one you used before. Just make sure it's clean.

This time, all of the cocaine will sink to the bottom and stay solid. This will wash off any remaining impurities and any remaining chloroform. Stir the beaker for about 3 minutes and let the cocaine fall to the bottom entirely. After stirring, the cocaine will fall to the bottom right away and the acetone at the top will become clear very quickly.

Once again have a flat bottomed coffee filter paper placed inside of a funnel waiting. This time, you can have it resting in the top of a tall drinking glass since you'll be dissposing of the liquid (acetone) this time. Once the cocaine has entirely settled at the bottom of the beaker and the acetone at the top is clear, slowly pour the contents into the funnel, trying to keep the cocaine from falling into the funnel. If any does, that's okay, you'll be pouring it in there eventually anyway. It's just better to try and not mix the impurities if you can.

Once you've poured all of the the acetone thru the funnel, your nearly pure cocaine will remain in the beaker. Now, pour some fresh acetone into the beaker with the remaining cocaine still inside and stir some more. While swirling around, try and pour the acetone/cocaine into the filter as quickly as you can. Keep repeating this process until all of the cocaine has fallen into the filter.

Finally, let all of the acetone run thru the filter paper completely leaving nothing behind but the cocaine. Let it sit for awhile and then carefully remove the filter paper from the funnel.

With the cocaine inside the filter paper, carefully remove the filter paper from inside of the plastic funnel and fold over the filter paper containing the cocaine into a square. Place this inside of a few paper towels folded over together. Now, with the cocaine inside of the filter paper, laying between the paper towels, press firmly on the cocaine lump to absorb any remaining acetone into the paper towels. You'll see a wet mark from the acetone start coming thru the papr towels. Move it to a dry spot on the paper towels and pres firmly agin one more time.

Once done, leaving the cocaine inside of the coffee filter paper, place it under a heat lamp for approx. 15-30 minutes, rotating once during drying time. Once again, place it no closer than 12-15 inches from the light.

Once the paper is completely dry and the strong smell of acetone is gone, carefuly open up the filter paper and gently let the cocaine fall out onto a ceramic plate. You can now start seperating the cocaine for easier evaporation. Continue to let the cocaine dry under the heat lamp for another hour or two until no remaining smell of acetone is present at all.

Your cocaine at this point will be nearly bleach white in appearance (just like real cocaine should be) with glass like shimmery specks or diamonds in it. It will be very beautiful and quite something to behold. It's appearance alone will speak for itself when trying to impress your friends.

Finally, easily chop into lines and snort away.

And then, let me know what you think of that!

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