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How lucrative is a career in journalism?


Jun 29, 2017
I'm thinking of pursuing a career in journalism but many people tell me it's very stressful with low pay. I live in Ireland if that makes a difference.


May 17, 2007
i wouldn’t recommend it. i worked in pr for a bit and felt bad for journalists. the work is frantic, they are always working, pay doesn’t match skill level, they are not on good advancement tracks, and they lose their jobs constantly due to the shrinking industry. they accept these negatives in exchange for the pursuit of a noble cause, and the vast majority end up relegated to trendy garbage coverage.

if you have a journalism degree, consider working in marketing comms. it pays well, is in demand, uses an extremely similar skill set, they are specifically looking for applicants with journalism degrees, there’s job security, and there is a much clearer path for advancement.

that said, they’re not starving. if you’re a great writer with good people skills, and journalism is where you passion lies, you could do worse. it can be a glamorous industry. if you’re willing to trade high compensation and stability for recognition and cool opportunities, go for it.
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