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How long to take prescribed dose of oxycodone before pain management drug test


Jun 26, 2018
Long long long time lurker, been visiting this site for many years now. So, I know I'm probably posting in the wrong forum but I think the knowledge for my question will probably be here if not mods let me know thank you.

So as the question states how long before a pain management drug test do I need to take the full prescribed dose of oxycodone, I have been a chronic pain patient for a while now and some days are worse than others, some days I take a few extra. So I am always running into the problem of ok I have a pill count and test on x date/time, how long before x date should I be taking the full dose to make sure my levels are showing high enough, I am usually down to 3 a day vs my prescribed 5 for a few days before the test. IR oxycodone generic, male 150#s 6'4" mid fortys.