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How Can We?

Hannah Capps

Jan 29, 2006
How is it that we as a “civilized society” can have humane no kill shelters for animals and yet by the same token not protect our own young from the kill shelters of abortion clinics?

How does this say we are “progressing” as “humans united” “build back better” and yet we’re very much divided.

I don’t care what color, class, creed or socio economic background that someone comes from.

What happened to the individual taking responsibility for their actions?

Instead it’s pass go do not collect $200, avoid jail time, a slap on the wrist and nothing happens and yet the underlined hemorrhaging continues while the zombie “you don’t have to take responsibility stimulus checks” transfusions keep the war machine limping along.

I choose to see people by the contents of their character not the color of their skin, their political or religious affiliation or their sexuality.

I hold myself to these standards as well.

And I sure as hell am an advocate for life! I’m pro-human! I’m anti-human trafficking I’m anti-Adrenochrome drinking, mad cow diseased, drunken on power, political whores.

Because in reality, as an old time Dixiecrat from the 1950s once said when asked what candidate he should vote for, a reply of “Well hell son, it don’t matter if it’s Republican or Democrat we own them all.”

I will not bow down to Antifa, Black Lives Matter, KKK, proud boys or any hate infested, deplorable organization.

I’m also going to call a spade a spade and using any tragedy for the political gain to justify the means of a party gaining advantage is disgusting and despicable.

Have you ever asked yourself the question, why is it when a liberal’s in office there are alway multiple mass shootings or military tragedies? (Hello, Columbine and Black Hawk down)

Things have happened under Republican presidents as well.
There are people that actually believe to this day, only two towers fell!

I witnessed the last two of them fall in live action when I was in high school.

I remember thinking why the hell is this third building falling?

Many to this day that believe Timothy McVeigh was the one responsible for the Oklahoma City bombing, when in fact he was the CIA’s fall man. “Never let a good crisis go to waste”

A convenient out for a 10 year ban on assault rifles which was ready to go before hand and signed into law by then President Clinton. “We must pass this bill first, before we can know what’s in it.”

Why have we not learned from history? Why do we keep bleeding? Why are there nauseating theatrics on both sides of the aisle?
Where the hell are the men and women with the spines to do something?
Where are the people that are “by the people and for the people” that they “represent?”

We are a banana republic, a lawless society that once was and we have passed our sins along to future generations; that is if there are any future generations to be had.
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