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Stimulants Horrible Adderall Psychosis.


Sep 5, 2017
Ok so I have been taking Adderall now for like 6 months and think I have been going through Adderall psychosis for all but the first three months. This is a pretty fucked up story and its taken me this whole time to come to the realization that it's the pills and not my wife. Who has told me this whole time I was nuts and it was the pills. But anyway...

So my wife started getting Adderall for her narcolepsy and we soon figured out sex is way better than without it, so I started taking it too. All was well for the first 3 months like I stated earlier then things got alittle crazy for me. I would stay up for like 4 days straight without food or much to drink and feel fine. But I would start to feel the couch shake or vibrate.

Then the bed, and I would notice the walls and stuff had like excessive holes. Like not actual holes but holes from a large screw maybe? For one of those cameras that you snake into a car engine or sewer pipe. Hell I took all the walls apart once in the living room...And seriously thought about taking a chainsaw to the floor....I thought she was having all these things done to me.

I really put her through straight hell. I was NOT a pleasant person to be around during these times and could turn violent quickly. And my dosage would vary. We usually would take 2 20mg tablets to start and take another tablet every couple hours. And we would literally be up all night having sex. Then the next day later on in the day around dark this shit would start.

I was thinking she had someone in the ceiling or in the floor fucking with me on purpose. I mean I was convinced of this to the point I was furious with her. I just couldn't comprehend why she was doing all this shit to me. It sounds nuts writing this in my head, but I assure you this is a very true story and hope it may help someone else realize it's not their partner or loved one.
I have been with this girl for a very long time and she never left my side and tried her best to cope with my crazy antics. At one point I was under our house inspecting for places people could hide or get into the floors with. Thinking she was hiding someone in there.
Lol yeah i'm re-realizing just how crazy I was acting.

And I at one point swore I heard someone in the ceiling and figured maybe that's where they was recording me from with there little camera and took a hammer to it.....nope no person there. So she even gave me her blessing to do this she was just so fed up with me and wanting me to come back to earth. I tore all kinds of electronics up thinking someone was hacking them to see where I was. I would straight up snap my phone in two. Her laptop I threw through the wall then the 2nd one the next month I broke in half.

Ugh, the money. Luckily for me I am a pc tech so laptops and things come easy other wise I would have went through so much money. Still it was all a waste. She bought me a brand new pair of $200 Jordans.....i sawed them in half thinking she was cheating on me with who ever was in the floor and or ceiling...

I am the kind of person that I HAVE to know why something is the way it is and if I don't know then I will figure it out if it takes weeks. I drove myself even crazier trying to figure out why it was she was doing all these horrible things to me. One other time I found under our porch some old homework paper about how to hide the alphabet around your house from our 5 year old daughter.....oh boy I literally thought I found the key... went through every picture on the wall to the fridge trying to decode messages from her and the floor people.

And also made the mistake of taking this to my mother and telling her about these things. These things are not even the half of it. Total destruction and horrible thoughts about my wife and everything she was doing to me. The things I would call her and put her though.

All over taking Adderall. I wouldnt, couldnt believe that. I have taken all kinds of drugs and never experienced psychosis of any kind, not even on acid. So I thought then she was trying to just get me to not take Adderall so I would sleep and she could stay up with the floor guy. Yeah, she just could not win.

I finally after about 7 months now I have done a fair amount of research myself and have not one time found anybody anywhere and am realizing it was all me and my thoughts. It's not a easy thing to admit when you have no history of any kind of psychotic behavior.
Not even in my family. All these things would happen in about a 4 day span. I would then stop taking them and after about 4 days after that I would be back to normal and still trying to figure out just wtf happened? I really would believe her about not cheating on me and how she would never want to make me seem crazy to anyone. But next month she would get her medicine and boom back to lying cheating slut. BTW she married me and got my name tattooed on her in the middle of all this.

Thinking she was proving beyond anything she wanted to be with me and only me. That didn't help, just made things more complicated because I was like really confused when the next month came and the freaking bed was vibrating when we was having sex....I straight stopped and freaked out on her. I couldn't take a shower cause I was sure there was someone somehow recording me, and worse her.
She even tried to stay by my side at all times when we was on them to prove she wasn't secretly talking too or being touched by someone in the floor/ceiling. I am still married btw, in case anyone was wondering.

She is the best. After everything I have put her through still beside me. I know that's not the case for a lot of other people and that's why I thought I would share my experience and maybe help someone realize they are experiencing this psychosis.
I haven't quite found a story on here like mine. Couches vibrating and beds was why I thought it wasn't me. Never have i experienced anything like this in my whole life.

I'm only 34 and as I said don't have any prior psychosis issues. If anyone has experienced these symptoms please let me know. I read through many post and found some similar stories like with the walls and thinking your being recorded but no vibrating objects.
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Oct 12, 2016
Exactly how many would u say on average i took and mg in a day???


Oct 25, 2015
Dallas, TX
Honestly I didn't read your rambling and you probably didn't even have a question but the answer is stop using uppers.

Speed King

Mar 7, 2014
Orando, Florida
Based on your wall of text and 5-7, 20 mg Adderall dosage, you have no logical choice but to lower your dose drastically or quit.
This problem will only get worse, the more you take of it.


Bluelight Crew
Mar 13, 2014
parts unknown
i added in some paragraphs but i'm pretty pressed for time so they might be a little off.
still, at least its legible now aha ༼ ༎ຶ ෴ ༎ຶ༽



Jul 10, 2016
NEPA, Occupied USA
This doesn't surprise me and I'll tell a short story of amphetamine-induced psychosis as well.

My younger brother had gotten off of heroin, onto subs, and the doctor also prescribed him Vyvanse. My mom is also on adderall and other people we know/knew at the time, so we were swimming in amphetamines, basically. Anyway, he essentially traded his heroin addiction for an amp addiction and he spiraled out of control pretty fast.

(Side note: While Vyvanse feels much cleaner than Adderall, I believe its effect on the mind is much more powerful and profound than that of Adderall.)

Anyway, in a few months he was convinced he had something called Morgellons disease. I believe this to be a real thing, but he did not have it. I would watch him pull things out of his mouth that weren't really there, as he's saying to me "See it?! See it??!" I watched him put clumps of hair in jars and tell me they were the morgellons fibers. He ordered snake oil remedies online, such as colloidal silver, and dumped them all over his body. He had people around him convinced he had it, and that they too had it. At one point when I was rolling on MDMA, he had me convinced as well -- for about an hour. He told me stories about how his old self would appear in the mirror -- looking like he used to look before he destroyed himself -- and talk to him. He did the same things you did with electronics, paranoid about all sorts of things that I can't even remember now, and spreading them out in a million pieces all over the floor; and being a "conspiracy theorist" myself, it was often hard to totally brush certain things aside as nonsense. It was a difficult and often frightening thing to watch and eventually, for a variety of reasons, we went our separate ways for what turned out to be many years.

Anyhow, I believe every word you're saying, because I've seen it with my own eyes...


Dec 23, 2013
In a kitchen
Im a few years older than you OP and while never really had paranoia, I certainly had psychosis several times. I basically saw shit that wasnt there (my favorite was the cat that appeared on my passenger seat and the hallucinated man who told me the other hallucinated man I was talking to wasnt real). If I was a betting man, Id wager the lack of sleep is as much to blame as the drug itself. At the height of my stim use, Im not sure I slept more than a few hours every couple of days for months. But as long as I got that, psychosis wouldnt come. Its when I binged (I once took 690mg in about 29 or 30 hours plus a ton of phentermine and benzphetamine to boot) and didnt sleep for about 5 days. Now Ive taken multiple 100s of mgs many times but slept and was fine. Only the combo of amp/other stims + no sleep led to me losing it.

Speed King

Mar 7, 2014
Orando, Florida
Using stimulants is not magic. There is a learning curve besides psychostimulant = smarter.

For those with ADD, it it's a treatment. Think of it half Levo-medication and dextro-therapy. The whole equals true treatment.

Afa major side effects, assuming you can handle reasonable dosages (subjective), you can also learn to restrict or briefly stop any stimulant (we'll leave it at amphetamine class) and never reach psychosis.

To me methylated amphetamine is in same family but different class. Until people regard desoxyn as a medicinal pharmaceutical, anything besides meth, to keep this simple.

Point boils down to can you handle where your at?

OP, you may need to just quit.
If there is any chance, YOU have to learn to control side effects. If all you end up doing is misusing, ........

It is however a learned trait (too a point).

Sure, it could be XYZ, but if you have self control, you can relearn.

If you have a load of issues(anger, impulse control), the Adderall will not help you.

Not to push drugs, but Vyvanse and Dexedrine are by coamparison much better for you.
(If you can get over side issues).

They ( long acting in the case of Vyvance, but Dexedrine/dextroamphetamine ER) are way smoother with a less pronounced comedown.

Un roasted coffee bean drinks are clean.

One thing you may consider (after talking w/physician) is Wellbutrin. Energy stays up, without getting out of hand.

Any way you look at it, a break of even a few days, can help. Longer breaks are needed depending on severity of issues.

Using the med and becoming a jerk, is a sign of unbalance.

You need to pick from once in a while or prescription ADD medicine. A doctor will keep you in line better.

Hope these tid bits helped.