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HIV / AIDS - resources and information.


Jul 15, 2005
prime material plane
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Oct 22, 2001
Jackson, Mi
As far as women and aid, I found this

In the U.S., the proportion of AIDS cases among women more than tripled from 7 percent in 1985 to 25 percent in 2001. African-American and Hispanic women represent over 80 percent of AIDS cases reported among American women.
from http://www.thewellproject.org/?gclid=CIT-r6Suw4ICFQFPPgod3k9eJg

As far as the medication. It is horrible to take. I know this first hand. On December 28th 2003 I accidentally was pricked by a needle on my finger from a patient I had just drawn the blood of. Unfortunately I found out this woman was HIV + after the incident occured. The protocal for an incident like this that the person who received the poke must take this medicine within 2 hours of the incident to prevent them from contracting HIV. I took two different kind of medicines for one month. I couldn't tell you what they were called now b/c during the time I was taking them I was also taking phenergen (sp?) to prevent the extreme nausea and those three things together made me pretty out of it. The medicines that they gave me were to prevent the virus from replicating itself if it was in my blood. These are medicines they give to people with HIV to prevent them from getting worse. The problem is that the virus replicates itself and takes over your cells so fast that by the time peopel find out that they are HIV + there is no way to reverse all the replication that's taken place.

I am happy to say I am not HIV +, but it was scary to think that I could have been. I really thought that was the end of me, but I really feel for people who have to take that horrible medicine to stay alive. I think I would have rather died than felt like that. The doctor told me that the extreme nausea is not a side affect for everyone, but it definately was horrible and I'm glad it's over.