High doses S ketamine experience


Sep 12, 2014
So I've had a couple of ciders and decided to share this experience here.

Background - I have been using drugs over 10 years. My DOC's are cannabis, alcohol, ketamine and MDMA. I've had past addictions to many stimulants cocaine, amphetamine, benzodiazepines. However I have been clean of all these "problem drugs" - I say that as in to me personally, for 6-7 weeks now. I have been focusing soley on fitness since I am currently signed off with BPD after being diagnosed 3 months ago. I am prescribed 50mg Seroquel XR every night. Although I still often consume cannabis and alcohol. I first tried ketamine in 2009 and although I didn't get into it until 2011, I'd say my experience with both the racemic and S at high (K hole) doses is now quite extensive.

I acquired 1 gram of S ketamine which was in the form of pin like crystals completely uniform in appearance. It was the day of November the 7th, and I'd been in a funny mood all day, some peculiar things has happened which for the sake of avoiding an unnecessary tangent as far as this experience is concerned I will leave out of this. However my mindset when I actually took the ketamine was one of pure escapism.

I put the gram bag unweighed out onto the back of a book - The Tesseract by Alex Garland. Crushed it with the usual card and a note and split it into 4 equal piles. I put Intro by The XX on my headphones the extended version and sniffed up one .25 line. I shut my eyes and I remember everything going red, the ketamine began to take effect and I could feel that flow of energy almost spiritual like one would associate with good K. Like your moving round the room, with your eyes shut it's like being thrown through space. I remember based on the previous events of the day feeling like I should be doing better, like I need to get myself together and get on with my life. And it seemed the hole decided to take this theme, it took me to places past and present where I have mistakes and wound up in the wrong places with the wrong crowd of people. But it also showed me the light, things from my past that were positive. I remember at one point being at the top of a cemetery on a hill. Sitting on a gravestone.

This though is where it gets crazy, I was in such bad form to begin with. I didn't come back from the hole in a good mood. Quite the opposite I came back from the hole and sniffed 2 more of the .25 lines. This time the feeling when you close your eyes of being on a rollercoaster, or thrown through space, was much more intense. I was being hurled through tunnels it felt like, and I'm not sure how. But my eyes opened. The fucked up thing was I never intended for this to happen. I prefer to experience the K hole with my eyes shut and headphones in. The News is on TV, BBC, the worst kind. And it's going on about NSA surveillance and a big picture of David Camerons cheesey mug on it. Well as some of the more experienced K users may know, the S isomer seems more prone to dark trips, if the setting is not right "Medevil" one friend has described it. Which I have experienced before. This one though is a whole other ball game, it's like a rogue ketamine trip with a theme of the government trying to kill me. I remember sitting there with my eyes open being sure "they" the government, were sending a team of agents to kill my entire neighbourhood. I'm not sure how this came about but also pictures in my room took forms it was as if they were at one with the TV and now broadcasting people shooting at me. I actually shouted during the trip "DONT SHOOT ME" and alerted everyone in the house. There was also a humorous theme to the trip, like not only was I about to be murdered, but they were going to show me all the secrets of the universe first. Then I knew too much, and had to be killed. I've had this feeling before, where it's like the ketamine is playing some kind of joke on you "you bought me, you thought this place was your friend, now we've got you", the most batshit crazy trips I've had are these kind. Only my first ever DMT experience could compare.

After this I came out of the hole and somehow gathered myself. It's taken me over a week to fully recount this trip. As is often the case with K holes I find, it takes some time before you fully remember it all. I had quite a spangled head when I came back from the trip, and then felt totally enlightened with the usual head full of turbo charged positive ideas that last a few days.

There is more still to this, but I feel maybe now is not the time. Thanks for reading. :)