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Help with Winstrol?


Oct 7, 2003
From New Orleans, LA but livin in Minot, ND
PhatIBP said:
damn this is f'n hard. im still in it after 5 days:|
Dude noone says it would be easy......

The thing is w/ a lifestyle change is u need to make it a habit first......The longer u do it, the easier it bercomes......

In the begginning its all will power.........You struggle just to keep at par w/ ur diet and work outs.......But as u stick to it, u will find that ur body eventually will start to crave eatiung better and def working out and cardio........Its the opposite affect of where laziness becomes addictive....The gym eventually becomes addictive too......But u need to make ur eating and training a habit first......

Once u get to the point where u say to urself " hey this shit actually makes me feel good, i like it......I dont feel like iom forcing myselfg anymore, i really enjoy this" Then u can contemplate using ehancment drugs......

Its all about dicipline first my friend, then it becomes habitual and u dont even think about it ........Junk food becomes repulsive.......Slads look like dessert (i know its a bit of an exaggeration, but i think most expereinced body builders will know what i mean)

Bottom line: Patience Grasshopper.......It all comes w/ hardwork and time.


Aug 7, 2004
PhatIBP said:
Hello, I am new to this site and forum. I am a 21 year old Male who is looking to lose weight. I have tried many diets and nothing seems to work for a long time. I am 5'10 and 260lbs. I am looking to get down to about 190-200.

One of my friends told me about winstrol after he has been using it for a while now. I was wondering if anyone knows anything about this. I am looking for info on the pill form of this steroid. Please tell me everything there is to know about it. Advantages/disadvantages and pros/cons. Thank you very much.

wintrol will not cut the fat for you... it will allow you to train harder and diet to lose the fat, while holding on to the muscle you currently have and possibly putting a couple of lean lbs on your frame. no AAS is a substitute for hardwork and proper diet

Dr. McBudstoke

Mar 5, 2004
Alright, phatIBP, you're pissing me off here. So I'm going to tell you everything that you need to do to lose fat without drugs. Because you're NOT ready to use drugs. GOT IT? YOU'RE NOT READY FOR DRUGS YET!

let's start with the diet. 5alpha posted an excellent sample diet, listen to the guy, he knows his shit.

meal 1 1/2 cup dry oatmeal with a few berries or banana mixed in, 50 grams of whey protein

meal 2 can of tuna mixed with 2 Tbs olive oil or flax seed oil and a salad

meal 3 6 oz grilled skinless chicken breast, 1,2 cup cooked whole wheat pasta, 50 grams whey protein

meal 4 8 oz cottage cheese mixed with some nuts and a bit of fruit, 15 grams of fiber from metamucil or a cheaper, but just as good, store brand

meal 5 grilled 6 oz cooked hamburger, 1 whole wheat bun, 1 slice cheese, and some lettuce or some other vegetable toppings that you like

meal 6 50 grams whey protein and 5-15 grams of fiber

now on to training, this is a workout routine that I think will work for you:

monday: Back and biceps(8-12 reps)

tuesday: 45 mins high intensity cardio.

wednesday: chest and triceps(8-12 reps)

thursday: 45 mins high intensity cardio.

friday: legs and forearms(8-12 reps)

saturday: 1 hour high intensity cardio.

sunday: rest

supplements to buy:

whey protein: for post-workout and as a general protein supplement.

some sort of thermogenic: try to find a cheap one, most are the same.

multi-vitamin: try to look into a bodybuilder's multi like Animal-Pak(though it's a bit expensive) because regular 1-a-day multi's are extrememly low in nutrients.

Dessicated Liver: very high in essential amino acids, B-vitamins, and heme iron. very nutrient dense.