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help identifying marquis & mecke test results


Mar 21, 2010

For the unknown substance, the Mecke test started out as a neon yellow (like a hilighter) and a mucous-green colour. It faded to a mustard yellow with red-orange swirls. After about ten minutes elapsed, the red-orange swirls became flaky and changed to a dark rust colour.

The Marquis test started off as a dirty orange and faded to a bright red-orange. It too became flaky.

My best guess is that it's 5-MeO-DiPT, but I'm really not sure. Also, the result of my Mecke 2C-E test is a little strange. It started off with both a very dark brown/purple AND a mucous green; the colours did not change after a half an hour had elapsed.

Is it more likely that my 2C-E is actually a combination of chemicals, or that there's something wrong with my reagents?