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Opioids Have you noticed Erowid is awesome?


Bluelight Crew
Jan 5, 2009
Somewhere between atoms and molecules, holding the
Started with Erowid in 2003 and ended up here shortly after. I am very very happy that erowid still hosts all that stuff in their chemistry achieves. Those articles still get referenced on the chemistry forums I post on because it doesnt matter the source and erowid hosts a lot of info that would have been lost. And a lot of it is not even drug chemistry but things like methylamine which is just an organic compound that has a lot of use, it finds its way into clandestine chemistry as well as legitimate I find that incredible in a sense that erowid was pivotal in my understanding of drugs at a young age and now my understanding of chemistry.

If not for erowid i would have to reference texts books and who does that now ;)