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Writing-up Have you ever tried synthetic cannabinoids / K2 / spice / Kronic or similar?


Director of Research
Mar 12, 2002
Castlemaine, Australia
Wright State University Boonshoft School of Medicine researchers, in collaboration with researchers from Columbia University and the University of Massachusetts, are conducting a survey on cannabis use trends.

This survey is open to all of the Bluelight community, including guest visitors.

To participate in this research study, you need to meet the following requirements:
1) Be at least 18 years of age or older;
2) Have used synthetic cannabis (such as spice, K2, noids, Black Mamba, Mad Hatter, JWH, CHMINACA) at least once in your lifetime.

The survey is anonymous - IP addresses will NOT be collected; no identifying information will be asked.
The survey is about 15 minutes long.
The survey has been approved by the ethics committees at each participating university.

Remove link - survey now closed.

Please, use the buttons at the bottom of the survey page (NOT your browser’s ‘back’ and ‘forward’ buttons) to move through the survey.

This consortium of universities has generously donated to Bluelight to keep the lights on, so please consider donating 15 minutes of your time to helping us complete this collaborative research project! :)
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Mar 27, 2017
Thanks everyone - this survey is now closed. Watch here for results.

If you or anyone else need any more info about this I may be able to help. I used this stuff for about a year. Was the worst year of my life and took years to get straightened out.

(if you need to contact me just message me, I don't always check forums)


Dec 23, 2017
I hated the shit. I used to smoke back in 2012 and made so anxious I stripped down to my boxers and paced in the garage during winter (-20 degrees). Never took it again


Jan 7, 2018
my friend has tried it, but he had taken codeine and tramadol a few hours earlier and it potentiated it and sent him in to a kind of delirium where he would blink and he'd have walked 6 blocks away


Dec 23, 2006
smoked spice gold on probation 11 wait 12 years ago when it was firs first hitting the market and my friends thought i was placebo'ing myself. I think it triggered UA's at least a little tho


Apr 29, 2018
Yes and I fucking HATE them. Grand mal seizures from one toke every time. And once I had this experience (apparently while fitting) where I was just an entity with no physical form, completely alone floating the universe and I had this strong knowledge that nothing was ever going to be okay ever again. Easily the worst drug I have ever experienced. I won't even stay in the room if someone starts smoking it incase I get second-hand high on it (which can happen because it's so strong).


Jun 18, 2019
Yes I have and I'm still sharing my story for the people on this forum even if the data collection is closed.

The first time I tried any illicit drug was when I tried this stuff, along with some regular cannabis and maybe a shot or two of vodka at a party and I remember feeling really disoriented and dissociative, second guessing on my perception of what was going on and where everyone was at, as the members of our group kept wandering to different parts of the house and yard. It was also really dark. Notably, we smoked the artificial stuff out of a can. One of the guys there had it but was trying to be all discreet about it and his Monster can with a pot leaf taped to it, lol. I remember us all being in the car of the friend that drove us to the party listening to music, and me proclaiming that the porch light is "God's light" apparently, like an absolute idiot. Like, okay, I guess I just dedicated the host's porch light to God. Whatever.

I remember getting a phone call from my boyfriend at the time, and was trying to talk to him but was really distracted by everything that was going on so I told him I'd talk to him later. On the way home, my friend who was driving was approaching a stop sign and I remember yelling that he needed to stop, because in my mind, for whatever reason, I thought he was going to run through it and us all get hit (depth-perception issue), despite it being like 11PM on a back road with no other cars around.
This poor guy had to pull over in a quiet area to make sure my other friend who was going to be staying the night with me and our other friend were not too incinerated to enter our places of rest or residence (we were all minors at the time except for the driver, and all of our parents likely would have been upset if they suspected we were drunk or high off anything). During that time, my friend sitting in the backseat with me shared her earbuds with me and we listened to Skrillex and I distinctly remember what felt like us slow-head-banging/nodding our heads in sync but she doesn't remember it.

Now this got really creepy when I got dropped off at my house with my friend who was going to stay the night with me. My boyfriend at the time called me back or I called him (I don't remember) and I remember talking to him for a few moments, and then standing up to get out of the car, with him still on the phone, and then all of a sudden standing there outside of the car with everyone freaking out telling me to calm down. I had no idea, but apparently I had been screaming that "DD's car was trying to eat me" and "my mailbox was hissing at me". I don't remember this AT ALL, but it was evident to me that I blacked out because it was like my consciousness came in when they were telling me to calm down. I was still standing up, too, on the phone; even my boyfriend was like "Are you okay?! What's happening?".

Lol, then the DD and my other friend left and my friend and went up to the door, made sure each other didn't look stoned, my dad let us in, and we walked quietly to my room and decided we weren't going to come out until the morning unless absolutely necessary. I still find it strange that my parents didn't hear me yelling, but I guess it wasn't *that* loud. My parents are also pretty hard of hearing. They might have thought were just out there playing around, as well.

So yeah, that's my weird, scary fake cannabis story. Yes, I was stupid enough to try more of it later on down the road. It felt different the other couple of times that I smoked it; still very disorienting and time-warpy but milder, probably because I was more experienced with highs by that point. Yes, obviously, despite the weird experience, I began to pursue more highs, usually just cannabis, though. I'd tried to get my hands on other things from time to time, but was mostly unsuccessful.