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Cocaine Has anyone used cocaine daily?


Jan 27, 2009
In the goo
Yeah I would advise against it. I think smoking crack is probably better for you to be using that much but I could be wrong. Shooting coke isn't big in Australia but I know tons of people with IV Meth habits. They are very unwell people physically and mentally.
I'd really suggest you stop.
Take this from someone who prefers dental renovation vs IV-ing. That ROA never appealed to me, insuflated is a fixation aswell. Plugging is better when compared, so the choice for insuflating is either convenenience or a fetish to put things up your nase/ snooter. ;)

silver darling

Mar 11, 2012
I never did much powder coke - overpriced and poor quality - I'd do speed, or rocks and brown in african crack dens. Occasionally get a gram to share with friends. But now at 50yo, I find a good quality, cheap supply inhouse and I've spent last 7 weeks or so taking it. Over last 3 weeks head pattern has been line and dab before work, a few dabs at work, get home cook crack, smoke weed with it and later take 1 or 2 small lines to soften the comedown. Mostly a solitary pursuit chasing a hallucinatory iced view.

The crack was superb but now I'm hitting the wall of diminishing returns, couple of smokes and 15mins later its absence a stronger feeling than its presence. No reverie. Another one just means i crave the next one more. But that won't stop me taking another one. Powder has variable effect. I'm auto-ordering more powder whenever i see the bag emptying.

Now I'm pondering IV as the best coke bang for buck and working out how to fit that into a daily regime .

After only 7 weeks i'm starting to understand what contributors to this thread are talking about. Thanks to them for their insight and advice. And I'm slowly accepting that cleaning up will be hard to do but I have to do it.

Meth novice 79

Nov 11, 2019
Not personally, but the one single friend I have that was crazy enough to develop a habit that expensive lost her damned mind fast doing coke on the regular.
It made a fiend of her in months, destroyed all her relationships (bitch tried trading me off to her dealer for the shit once, without even giving me a heads up) and made her pretty much a shell of a human.


🎨 ARTministrator 🎨
Staff member
Feb 8, 2006
In the mountains
I have done coke many times, but only one time have I ever come across actually really good coke in America. Most of what is here (except maybe at ports of entry) is stepped on to the point it barely has any numbing properties, or isn't coke at all (ie, does not numb you whatsoever or feel like real coke). That stuff is bullshit, so expensive, and barely does anything notable. The one time I had pretty pure coke, I did one tiny spoon in each nostril. it was a TINY spoon, like probably 15-20mg in each nostril, max. Immediately my whole face and throat went numb and I had the most absolutely lovely feeling, I felt like everything was perfect, massive euphoria, but not pushy. I started wanting to talk and share my feelings, it was rather rolly in fact. I had been feeling like shit and anxious, and it turned my entire night around. It lasted about 30-40 minutes, and then disappeared, with no comedown (I didn't do any more, as it was not mine).

Real coke is great, but good luck finding it in many parts of the world. My buddy in my band is a coke fiend, he often gets it and brings it on the road with us. He'll be like "dude this time I got FIRE shit!" and every time it doesn't numb you at all or really produce any real euphoria, it's just a bit of mood lift and jangly stimulation. I have stopped even taking it when offered. I don't think he's ever even had real coke.


Apr 4, 2020
I am curious if any has used cocaine daily? As of right now I have been shooting cocaine for about 2 weeks straight. I still eat and sleep but I'm curious is this a drug that my body can handle on a daily basis?
I used to go until I dropped/passed out.
I was probably spending 1500-3000 a week for a very long time, I never stole/robbed for it, I worked hard to keep the habit up, then it took its toll on me. And I wouldn’t buy garbage just to have it. A while back some landed and there was a couple that weren’t touched. Well it was probably the best and only time I’ll ever see it, I bought a half and did about 7-8 grams in the span of 12 hours all I remember is sucking my nose back then there’s paramedics and police standing over me, I guess I just dropped and started flopping, so they take me to the hospital make me wait there for a few hours they let me go, (the country I live in they don’t give a fuck what you do in your house as long as it’s personal so you won’t get charged nor will they search) get home as my roommate where the rest was they say they tossed it when I dropped not even 6 hours after that guess where I’m going and how much I picked up.
If I could take it back I would it cost me a lot of pain/ unneeded stress. My stomach hemorrhage and I almost bleed to death, you don’t see it but it’s hard on all your organs, my nose is destroyed it’s caved on one side because that’s all I ever used. My teeth are shitty, it’s hard to stay away from it but I’ve managed, I was doing really good until this weekend and last now I’ve fucked up. (Or minor set back)
Now I’m on a run away. About 2 grand in the hole between this one and last and once it’s gone I’ll probably be weak and grab more.
With my body I find I can do a lot more than some people. If I could tell myself back when I started not to do it I would. Is it fun?yes! Is it worth it? No
I can stay away from it but when I start or think about it it’s not just 1or 2 it’s 7,8,9,to who knows how many and I’ve been up for 3-4 days and Monday’s here and I have to go to work