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Opioids Harm reduction regarding MDMA and fentanyl


Oct 26, 2014
So something very strange happened to me while back I was on a few tabs of acid about 7 hours in when I decided to smoke some fentanyl, this unexpectedly greatly potentiated my trip to the point where i almost experienced ego death. It was somewhat similar to smoking weed while on acid it made the trip waaay stronger then weed would have, and I have no idea as to why that happened...

Some people thought the cause might be the fact that fentanyl has some serotonin activity. This is where my question comes in I decided to do some molly, and I would like to smoke fentanyl during this. Mostly to help with anxiety I get while on any stimulants also just to relax me during the trip and especially at the end to help with the comedown.

But I am worried the fentanyl might potentiate the MDMA like it did with LSD, I'm not complaining about a stronger trip but I am worried it might be dangerous, or it might become too strong. Or maybe I might get serotonin syndrome or something? Anyone have any insight as to what happened with the acid or what might happend if I smoke it on mdma.