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⫸STICKY⫷ Greenlighters Guide revised - comments please (+ new Support FAQ)


Bluelight Crew
May 1, 2002
Updated the registration text, will go through the other FAQs when time permits. (Up to 11. Annoying people)


      <p class="heading">ACCEPTANCE OF TERMS THROUGH USE</p>
      <p>By using this site, and any other site owned and operated by 
        Bluelight (www.bluelight.ru), you signify your agreement to the terms, 
        conditions and notices of this policy.</p>
      <p class="heading"> PROHIBITED USE</p>
      <p>Rules have been established to protect Bluelight and its members against 
        abuse. Use of Bluelight for any purpose that is unlawful, or in any manner 
        which could impair the operation of this site or any other party's use 
        or enjoyment of this site, is strictly prohibited. Specifically, you may 
        <li>use Bluelight in any way, shape or form for unlawful purposes, including, 
          without limitation: 
            <li>attempting to solicit or obtain contraband substances <b>or substances
	      of a quasi-legal status</b>; or information on how to do so;</li>
            <li>posting or exchanging any information on ongoing or future criminal 
              activity, or any information which can be construed as discussing 
              such activity;</li>
            <li>actively encouraging others to engage in criminal activities;<br>
        <li>post or upload any content that is libelous, deceptive, fraudulent, 
          tortious or inaccurate;</li>
        <li>post or upload any content that is copyrighted or invasive of another's 
        <li>post or upload any content that victimizes, harasses, degrades, or 
          intimidates an individual or group of individuals on the basis of race, 
          ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation or any other reason;</li>
        <li>post or upload to a forum any content that violates specific rules 
          of that forum;<br>
        <li>register multiple accounts ("alter egos");<br>
        <li>act as an official representive of Bluelight to the press;</li>
        <li>associate a third-party website with Bluelight without authorization;<br>
        <li>interfere with service to any user or host including, without limitation, 
          mail-bombing, flooding, and attempting to deliberately overload the 
        <li>attempt to gain unauthorized access to data, accounts or systems of 
          this site, or probe, scan or test the vulnerability of a system of this 
          site;<br> </li>
        <li>use Bluelight to spread unsolicited bulk mail (UBE),
	  post advertisements without prior consent from an administrator,
          or use a Bluelight email address to gather responses to UBE;</li>
        <li>use other Internet sites to promote libelous or slanderous messages
          about Bluelight or incite abuse against Bluelight.</li>
      <p class="heading">MEASURES</p>
      <p>Use of this site, and any other site owned and operated by Bluelight 
        (www.bluelight.ru) implies your understanding and consent of the 
        following clauses:</p>
        <li>Bluelight reserves the right, in case of violation of any of these 
          policies, to take action to restrict or terminate your access to Bluelight.</li>
        <li>Bluelight will remove any content from its sites which Bluelight, 
          in its sole discretion, determines to be harmful, offensive, or otherwise 
          in violation of these policies.</li>
        <li>In case of suspected violation of policies or if required to by court 
          order, Bluelight may perform selective electronic monitoring of any 
          traffic through its systems.</li>
        <li>In case Bluelight receives a court order with a properly authorized 
          request, any stored information may be provided to law enforcement officials.</li>
      <p class="heading">PRIVACY</p>
      <p>Use of this site, and any other site owned and operated by Bluelight 
        (www.bluelight.ru) implies your understanding and consent of the 
        following clauses:</p>
        <li>To prevent unauthorized access, maintain data accuracy, and ensure 
          the appropriate use of information, Bluelight has put in place physical, 
          electronic, and managerial procedures to safeguard and secure the information 
          it collects online.</li>
        <li>Bluelight will not share member information with any party, unless
          the member has violated the Bluelight User Agreement, in which case
          Bluelight may take all necessary measures to ensure its security,
          including publishing the information or sharing it with private
        <li>Bluelight requires an active email address for all usernames. Failure to
	  provide an active email address may result in account restriction until an address is provided.
	  This email address may be hidden from members in your profile settings;
	  moderators and administrators can always see your email address.</li>
        <li>Any communication that you transmit to Bluelight should be considered non-confidential, 
          and you agree that Bluelight will not be liable or responsible if information 
          that belongs to you is intercepted or used by an unintended recipient.</li>
        [strike][COLOR="Red"]<li>Bluelight has outsourced its web mail system ("Bluemail") 
          to BigMailbox, Inc., who provides additional service and privacy policies.</li>[/COLOR][/strike]
      <p class="heading">CONTACT ADDRESS</p>
      <p>Rules are enforced by the Bluelight staff.  If you see a thread violating the 
	    rules, please use the "Report" button under the poster's name to notify the 
		moderators.  Try to be as verbose as possible when explaining the nature of the problem.  You can
		contact the administrators and super moderators at <a href="[COLOR="Red"][strike]mailto:[email protected][/strike][/COLOR][email protected]">[COLOR="Red"]
		[strike][email protected][/strike][/COLOR][email protected]</a>
		if you want to report general problems or violations that happen outside the forums.  In addition, please use the <a href="http://www.bluelight.ru/vb/contactlist.php">Contact list</a> to reach the appropriate people regarding other concerns.
		<br />
For future reference, this is located in the vBPhrase 'forum_rules_description'.
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Bluelight Crew
May 1, 2002
How to deal with annoying people
by Anonymous, Catch-22 and skydancer


Some random stranger is sending me weird PMs. Help, I think they are stalking me!

If the person is obviously trying to conduct a drug transaction, report it immediately to the administrators. If a stranger is trying to be "too friendly" and is just giving you "odd vibes", do not assume they are trying to buy or sell drugs. Perhaps they are just trying to make a new friend or ask you for dating.
Can someone explains what thats means?


Bluelight Crew
Sep 8, 2002
California Republic
What do the different titles mean?
by Catch-22

Guest is the standard title for unregistered posters.

Greenlighter is the standard title for registered posters who have made less than 2050 posts. Greenlighters are unable to send private messages (PMs) do not have access to PM functions to anyone except Bluelight staff.

Bluelighter is the standard title for registered posters who have made at least 2050 posts.

Ex-Bluelighter is the standard title for registered posters who have had their account disabled either temporarily or permanently. Temporary bans are also indicated by the title "Temp Ban" at the discretion of the administrator or senior moderator issuing the ban.

EZ Test is a customized title for registered posters who are official representatives of EZ Test, a manufacturer of testing kits for ecstasy pills.

Enlighten is a customized title for registered posters who are official representatives of Enlighten, a harm reduction group who are involved with pillreports and also supply testing kits for ecstasy pills.

Moderator is a customized title for staff members who are the leaders of the forum(s) that appear under their title. Moderators earned their positions by being active participants and are expected to continue to contribute to their forums. Moderators are responsible for enforcing the rules on Bluelight. so They can close threads, edit posts and make CLAWS reports warn users[/red] in their assigned forums.

While most moderators are responsible for an active forum, there are also staff positions where the person has different duties. For instance, some moderators are focused on writing FAQs and some moderators oversee the Links Database. In addition, all Pillreports.com staff members are given the title of moderator at Bluelight.

Senior Moderator is a customized title for staff members who moderate at least one forum and help respond to issues across all of Bluelight. They will address urgent problems, help make judgment calls when they are sufficiently familiar with the situation and provide backup for the normal forum moderators. Senior Moderators have basic moderator functions across all the public forums. They are able to give CLAWS warnings in any forum, and can issue temporary bans when needed. Senior Moderators are on a level between Admins and Moderators. Senior Moderators will help provide coverage and advice, but are not supervisors.

Administrator is a customized title for staff members who oversee the operation of a group of forums. Bluelight as a whole. Administrators can perform the basic moderator functions in all forums and can ban people from Bluelight. They respond to urgent situations, resolve disputes and address complaints about the forums they manage. They are generally responsible for a group of forums, and might moderate one or more specific forums in addition to being an administrator. They create internal policies and deal with external matters such as public relations and legal issues. They are responsible for adding or removing staff members but delegate a great deal of freedom and authority to the moderators. Administrators make the ultimate decisions for what happens at Bluelight.

And last yet certainly least....

Test Dummy is a customized title for experimental accounts that are controlled by administrators. These accounts are used to test new features or explore bug reports. Please disregard any posts made by a poster identified as being a test dummy.

My changes in blue.

"Abbreviations" is misspelled in the title of the abbreviations section.


Bluelight Crew
May 1, 2002
^^^ Updated, fixed, all done.

Anyone who wants to kill an hour in class or something and proof-read the whole thing would be welcome to ;)