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Good supplements to help stims and RC chems


Feb 28, 2016
Been doing allot of stims and RCs for some time and I found that it is very wise to assist your body and brain much like Bodybuilders or Pro athlete's do when in hard core competition. Remember the so called chemicals taken only act as a trigger to unlock the SNDRIs. Most those chemicals that are giving all the feel good sensations are already in your body and brain. I used to compete in bodybuilding and yeah allot was super enhanced by allot of Roid's. So just like learning all about muscle fibers , what proteins and what pre workout supplements would juice those muscles up , no question same absolutely holds true for party stims and especially most RCs which are built on the molecule of Phenylethylamine structure. So if you lack the right Brain amino's gonna get lack of enhanced effects. Lots of super supplements out there I loaded up and learned all that long ago. Done MDMA with out and one hell of a difference. Ate monster steak and loaded up on Muscle mix and GOOD GOD like throwing Napalm on a bon fire ! Hell would even have a cooler loaded with best Amino drinks to keep monster roll going. This not only kept excellent hydration but also kept my Brain safe and body for sure! Did meth once and felt like that was taking it little to hard and far. Plus I loved the empathogen's allot more!
But one thing is for sure this is not something that will instantly reproduce overnight. Takes few days and nights to recuperate. Just like massive hard core workouts , cannot rebuild muscle structures in one day. Same goes for the brain,,,,Best amino;s by far are -

The aromatic amino acids (tryptophan, tyrosine, phenylalanine) especially in post recovery is (5-HTP and loads of Whey Protein).
Done all the best pure RCs and did the Real deal MDMA and MDA in the 1990's. Heard all the so called horror stories of this and that and most of the is just utter ignorance and abuse by people thinking; "OH I should take 10x amount and I will feel better or way higher"....NO! Nobody that I knew using responsibly had issues or negative effects. Yeah most bad trips are people taking dozens of multiple drugs and anybody even a race horse would drop dead from that stupid abuse! Just my analysis and suggestions. Let me know what you think and perhaps some new suggestions. Thanks and party safe!