footwear fantasy: an ode


May 12, 2019
8weeks to Xmas and all through the city is playing footwear fantasy, the eX and his Hennessy.

But where the honeys bee?

Waiting hours at the depot for my soles to come the truck

To what do we owe this type of shoe purgatory ?

Demand for the rarity makes money and yes, was we two street, but now still more money run us scared sometimes, and on the face of it,

Cool Hand Luke bonds his way through every echelon of society. Except when he cannot.

Ladies, want to see he, the eX-y, be he louche, be he lucrative, be he Bugatti

Intriguing perhaps voice and body

We ready for the wave, the Hiroshige.

We ride with the flow: Body, mind and sole control x


May 12, 2019
What's a desk? I get ideas when I walk around all day.

A desk is a place for ____....

A desk is a place for a little tet-a-tete

A desk is a place for my pianer

A desk is a place for newscasts

And a Tiny Desk is a place for music ;) or it was, once

A desk is a place to bridle that creativity

A desk is a place to consummate a bride, maybe, though you may have a hard time

A desk is a place for another time

A desk is a place from another era

A desk -- some people work at a newfangled treadmill desk, or walking desk - working desk if you can call it that; ultramodern (umlaut here)

A desk was once a secretarial desk, now I think she wants to be called an Admin

A desk - I don't have time now. Get these things off my desk and filed and I want those documents on my desk first thing Monday morning!

A desk - do doctors use one? Oh, right, the Triage Desk. Nah, that's usually nurses. Did you say Doctor's Desk Reference? Oh, you didn't. I need my Prescription Pad, pronto. Here come the pharmaceuticals. (Is that like Meet the Parents?) Give him Paxil, and Pamprin, don't forget the Pampers for his period --

Phorget pfizer He took Alka-Selzer! Oh fizz! You'd better phone the Psychiatrist! What century are you living in, Freud?

A desk is a place to focus. My parents provided me with a desk and offered to help me with my homework, she said. Well that's great, lady, mine didn't.


May 12, 2019
—-cosmically frustrated

Fetchingly frustrated

Robustly, righteously, ritzily

Snippety, Sniffingly, snobbishly

Tastefully, tauntingly, teasingly


Toxically, tortuously, tragically

Upwardly, velvety, WASPishly, vacantly?

—vapidly? (Validly?) frustrated

Yearningly, zealously—-jealously?




Apathy to zonally:

Appropriately artillery my aroleae, athletically.