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Finding Myself / Yourself


Jan 4, 2004
Niagara Falls.
Passion passin’, askin’ myself why I’m lackin’.
Trackin’ my actions to find my detraction...

Leaving my comfort zone, it's easy to feel alone.
But I have faith and am aware, that if I dare to care,
to venture into the unknown, I may be shown,
Things that I've always wished I'd known.

This science isn't exact, but
Far too long I’ve held myself back.
Far too comfortable behind a mask,
Far too long I just do what you've asked,
haven’t shared what I thought due to a fear of being attacked,
I don’t want to react, to opinions people see as a fact,
I have a deep needing to keep my bleeding heart intact.
I'm allowed to be different than you whatever you want to expect.
That's the data I collect, when I take time to inspect.

My new mission, is to listen, to whatever you think that I'm missin'
Relate, debate, and not take your love as hate, you just think I can be great..

I believe I am quite capable, but
My emotions aren’t easily fakeable
My mind sometimes a little too shapeable.
My heart a little too breakable,
Sometimes makes life seem its a little un-take able
because my dreams should all be makeable,

Struggle to get out of my bubble, above all,
Judging myself into rubble,
emotions drowning me even if it's only a puddle,
So I double my effort, to prove to myself that I have worth,
Tell myself that I'm not cursed, other people have had it way worse.
I try so hard but then give up when I don't see results.
When I open it's easy to see my many faults.

I’ve worked to improve and try to stay in a mood that exudes
as much confidence in myself and events,
that occurred in my life and that didn't make sense.
Try to to stay off of the defense, and do my best to offer both of my hands,
A simple hug does a lot between friends, I know this you understand.

I've gotta use my talents to find my inner balance.
Escaping myself has always been the challenge.
Gotta use all of my attributes, and find a way to execute,
Time to drop this old dispute, over whatever I can do.
I'll make mistakes but I'll improve

Needa enhance my skills, so I can pay all my bills.
Maybe move out to the hills, and enjoy all of life’s thrills.
A thought that gives me the chills...
I will keep dreaming still.. My cup's starting to fill.

Next time I will do it right, I wont give up the fight,
Cause no matter what has happened in life
The sun will shine it's light with no help.
Finally I’m finding myself,
So bright I'm blinding myself,
I'm moving beyond the past and starting to grow.
Evolving, creating the future that I really want to know.
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