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Opioids Fentanyl 100mcg/h patches


Nov 8, 2019
Ok I got a couple of these patches I cut one in 1/4 and stuck it to me I don't feel anything.... I have been taking sumboxin well I was shooting them I only had a couple left and did h for about 2 weeks after I was opioid free for a couple days.. and stuck a 1/4 of this patch on me.... I would like to know how can I extract some for drinking or shooting I know this shit is supposed to be strong , and on my 2 week long h party I O.D. as the h where I am is mostly fentanyl.... any help is greatly appreciated... don't like the whole o.d. thing


Moderator: NMI
Staff member
Mar 18, 2018
Onda Cona
Do not mean to be simplistic but maybe apply the patch as described and one will feel a little ease and possible euphoria... but do not count on the latter. Makes me feel "dirty" and "sickly" < only ways for me to describe it.
Wouldn't try to inject it but there may be other ways to administer... just not sure if the risk(s) out-weighs the return(s); which to me is minamal at best as far as recreating on it. meh to fent. lol